3.5 Soviet Union, inner revolts and alliances

In the land with the great heavenly temple,
a nephew at London is murdered through a false peace.
The ship will then be schismatic,
false liberty will be shouted abroad. (VI–22)

There will be upheaval in some of the smaller territories of Russia seeking more freedom, more voice, more justice. The «nephew at London is murdered through a false peace» symbolizes
the person that the Kremlin sent as
a spokesman and believed to be doing something but was just a pawn
of manipulation. London is used as an anagram, a puzzle. «The ship will then be schismatic, false liberty will be shouted abroad» meansthat the rest of the world will not get a very honest, clear picture of what’s going on. There will be an underground at work to get the truth out.

The child of the kingdom, through his father's capture,
will be deprived to deliver him;
near Lake Trasimene the azure captive,
in order that the hostage troop may become very drunk. (VI-39)

One of the spheres of the Soviet Republic is rebelling, and the governing body of Moscow captures their leader in hopes that it will stop
the revolution. But this does not happen. And the «child» is unable to face his «father» … As for «the azure captive», to me this color represents more of an emotional body, symbolizing part of the puzzle of this person relinquishing his control. «The hostage troop may become very drunk» is symbolic of Moscow’ trying to set the troops of the rebelling countries up for a fall. Finally the country gains its freedom, because the capture and the death of their leader makes their purpose and their unity stronger.

Whenever a huge social or political change is about
to happen, there are warning signs before the great wave of change comes. On a wider scale, when we are faced with worldwide change, some small countries will have upheavals without any particular reason. There will be protests and demonstrations in the streets and generally there will be unrest among the citizens. This will happen because that is how things have been planned. Some countries or some particular social systems may be especially sensitive or vulnerable to the upcoming changes. So initially they react and this will also be a warning sign of the greater changes that are about to come.

I see the end of the Communist party. The Communist party, as a name, will continue. But their structure will be different, and the goals they will be working towards will be different. They’ll be doing a geat deal of changing. One thing that’s going to happen, they’ll go back and reread Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and the others from a totally different viewpoint and put a totally new interpretation on this. Russia will be weakened some, but she won’t be as vulnerable as the eastern European countries. Just the geographical shape and size of Russia is her strength.

Russia becomes unified with China and Japan

The deep entry made by the great Queen
will make the place powerful and inaccessible;
the army of the three lions will be defeated
causing within a thing hideous and terrible. (VII-16)

The «great queen» is Russia that sometime
in the future becomes unified with China and Japan. «The deep entry made by the great Queen will make the place powerful and inaccessible» means that Russia is going through inner revolts and revolutions for independence and freedom because they have discovered corruption and false promises.
The militia of the three countries will be united – «the army of the three lions» – but «will be defeated» later by the forces of Anti-Christ.

Secret Soviet underwater submarine base in the Adriatic sea

Near the (river) Conca by the Adriatic sea
will appear a horrible fish
with human features and an aquatic purpose,
it will be caught without the hook. (ΙΙΙ-21)

This refers to a scandal that will take place in regards to military secrets. On an experimental basis, the Soviets have built
an underwater dome and an underwater submarine base in the Adriatic sea. They are using this underground place to send out their submarines for subversive purposes.


When this is discovered, due to pressure from statesmen, diplomats and politicians, this will all be brought to the surface. The submarines will be taken away from there without the use of «the hook», so to speak; because instead of taking the submarines away by destroying them with weapons, they'll take them away through political manoeuverings. «The horrible fish with human features» means the people involved and refers to both the base and the fact that there are submarines involved. They have to have people to run both.