3.7 The Mafia

To shout aloud the victory of the great crescent moon
the Eagle will be proclaimed by the Romans.
Pavia, Milan and Genoa will not agree to it;
then the great Lord is claimed by themselves. (VI–78)

This quatrain is about the Mafia. Due to their negative influence and their involvement with so-called "organized crime," they are capable of affecting history. They have much power and thus they can influence many people.

Originally the Mafia started out in Sicily and southern Italy, and that was their center of operations and their base of power. Then they transferred their main operations and power base to the United States. The «to shout aloud the victory of the great crescent moon» represents a large city in Italy around a bay shaped like a crescent moon. It represents their having enough power in that city to be basically in control.

«The eagle», that is the United States, «will be proclaimed by the Romans» whorepresent the Mafia, the Italian. The other names indicate rival organizations that decided to stay in Italy rather than come to the United States. When the Sicilian branch of the Mafia came to the United States, they became a power in and of themselves instead of being in cooperation with the other organizations of Italy that stayed behind; they made their decisions independently and chose their leaders accordingly – «the great Lord is claimed by themselves».