1.9 God and the masters from the other plane

I’ve always been a little bit odd and visions of the future were always with me. I’d look at people and see superimposed upon them, visions of how it was going to be for them. And I realized that I could use this gift to help people. Most of what I do I discovered on my own. I had discovered that I was able to focus well if I stared into a candle flame. And so I reasoned that it would be even better if I used a spirit lamp to burn alcohol in or something similar, to make a purer flame.

I have studied with a few teachers but not as many as what is thought. Most of the teaching I have had has been from great teachers of the other plane. Sometimes when I would meditate I would receive knowledge. – But I’m rather confused as to where I got the mirror. I am not really sure how that happened. I think that a being of some sort from another plane or another dimension bestowed it upon me, in order to be able to make contact between different planes.

I was meditating one day and I saw this being standing before me, talking to me and teaching me. The being told me I would be able to recontact him and other planes whenever I wanted to. And I asked "How? I am not that disciplined yet". And the being said, "You will know when you return to normal consciousness." When I returned to normal consciousness, the mirror was lying before me.

I perceive God as representing wisdom and understanding. I believe my ability to see the future comes directly from God. Because that’s part of what God is, knowing what’s going to happen, or at least knowing the possibilities. I do not agree with what the church says about God. I believe the church does not have a full understanding of deity. They are trying to place narrow man-made restrictions upon Him. When I think about religious things I view it more as a philosophy rather than as something to be fanatical about. The way I perceive God is simply through knowledge and developing my philosophy of life through my time. Off and on throughout my life it’s always been somewhat easy to be discouraged because no one could understand these things that I see all the time. When you have a gift that nobody else has – particularly when you’re surrounded by ignorant priests who refuse to acknowledge it as a gift from God – people find it very easy to call it a gift from the Devil instead. And so, yes, there were times when I was very discouraged, because I’m human.