1.10 Tarot: A valuable tool

The deck of Tarot is a very valuable tool. It is very good for developing your psychic self and your spiritual self. And it is good for communicating. In my day many symbols from the Tarot were used for communicating secret messages in correspondence. The Tarot is very versatile, and it will be very important during the time of troubles. Those who have any familiarity at all with the Tarot will be very helpful, particularly working in underground movements, to help keep communication clear, because they will be relying on psychic communication as well as physical communication.

I’m aware that you still have the cards in your day and time. I’m also aware that the cards have been diversified into several systems using various symbols so that each person may be more apt to find those symbols which they can relate to clearly on the psychic level. This was dangerous knowledge in my time and it’s dangerous knowledge in your time too, but you are not aware of this yet. The time of suppression is very soon and any knowledge that broadens the mind and causes people to think will be considered dangerous. Events in recent past history in your century that seemed very horrible will seem child’s play by comparison to what is coming.