1.8 Hypnosis, visualization and other spiritual healing

While performing my medical cures I usually use a combination of physical and mental ways of controlling pain in operations, suppress bleeding, etc. If I put my mind in a certain frame I can see the life energies that flow through a body. If there’s a point where they’re not flowing the way they should, if you press that place or rub it or use other types of manipulation to where they flow freely again, many times that helps to eliminate pain.

The fact that I’m able to see the things that will happen is very helpful. I got many of the physical techniques that I use from things I saw from future times. However, being as strong psychically as I am, I’m able to mentally see what is wrong so that I would know what to treat.

One thing that I do is very effective: I get the patient to help me with it. I get them in the right frame of mind as well, to where they don’t feel the pain. I have been conducting experiments to find out what the mind can do; these studies are both medical and metaphysical at the same time. These studies are very popular with my students. Often at the beginning of an operation I’ll stare into a patient’s eyes to get them in the proper frame of mind and I murmur to them good things like, they’re feeling good, that it’s very pleasant, that they have no reason to be afraid, and that everything is going to be okay and they’ll be just fine afterward, and things like that. I would build them up and help them develop confidence in themselves as well as trust in what I was doing; to help the psychic fields to be conducive towards both the physical and the mental and the emotional aspects of healing.

In your time, you could obviously say that I was practicing an advanced form of hypnosis combined with acupressure and the ability to see the weak spots in the aura. Hypnosis is a handy tool to help lessen pain in people and I am glad that it has not been lost through the ages. The method of hypnosis can be used to contact people through time. There are really no limits to what can be done with the mind.

My colleagues wonder how I’m able to do these things, but whenever I try to explain to them, their superstitions get in the way and they immediately start crying "witchcraf". So, I choose to be silent. And my reputation grows. I’m respected because I’m educated and because my medicine – my doctoring – works. I was born to plain and simple parents. I have no titles. In my point in time noble people carry very real power and people honestly believe the King to be God, because the King has absolute power. Also, in my time the church is extremely powerful. And I have to be careful about that, too. It should be obvious to anybody that my task is vital. Else why would I have this ability that I have? I’ve had it all my life. I did not ask for it. God works in mysterious ways, and this is one of his more mysterious ways, I suppose …

I often use color as a factor in healing. One of the things I would do to help create the right atmosphere is that, by using a prism, I would demonstrate the colors of light to a patient. I would demonstrate how what appears to be white light has other colors in it. I would then point out one of the colors to them and ask them to imagine that they were standing in a light of this color shining down upon them. Whichever color was necessary for the desired result to help set their psychic fields in balance.

In my medicine that I practice, I also use the normal methods of my day. I use more natural ingredients; herbs and poultices, as opposed to chemicals, such as sulfur and brine.
I work a lot with energy and through the aura and the chakras. I work with energy much more than people are aware of. I learned these methods from my work in meditation. They came to me through my quest for knowledge.

During the times when the plagues were very bad in my land, I had success where other doctors failed. I was able to do this by balancing the energy of the aura. I do this many times with the energy of my own aura, and also with movement. To discover where the block is, it either needs to be opened or closed. And this is done through the auric field with either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion of the hand. I physically touch the chakras and also physically scan them with my hands. If there is too great an influx of energy coming into an energy center, a counter-clockwise motion of my hand above the area will diminish the opening. I find the balance or put the body into harmony. When the body is in harmony, it heals itself. 

Michael Newton, The Journey of Souls...*