1.2 Man of Mystery – The Portrait

“I found myself surrounded by a blue light that appeared to be coming from everywhere”, says one of the vehicles that communicated with Nostradamus.  “He’s sitting at a table, has a plume in his hand and the ever-present book in front of him that he writes in; though he looks about to make an opening with us. He looks towards the glass now. I show him a tape recorder, it looks unreal to him. “A little black box that could capture the words and will repeat them to me later, seems like magic”, he says. “Yes”, Dolores replies with humor. “It captures the voice and then gives it back to us when we want it.”
 “I’ve been seeing Nostradamus’s face more and more in my mind’s eye” says one of the women-vehicles. “For some reason I saw him wearing a wool cap that was pulled down over his ears. It was a difficult portrait for me to draw and I was not totally satisfied with it. My main disappointment was that I felt I did not reproduce the intensity of his eyes”…

“Nostradamus himself was very emphatic about insisting that he was very much alive, that I was not speaking to the dead. This point was very important to him. To me he became very much alive and displayed all the various mixed emotions that mold us into individual human beings. He was quite a personality: at different times he would be irritated, impatient, worried or intense. He would often become angered at how the interpreters had translated his quatrains. At other times he would convey a genuine sense of humor. At these times he would joke with us and even become feisty. I knew at all times that I was communicating with a living, physical human being and not a spirit.

“My emotions after this encounter with Nostradamus”, Dolores says, “ranged a whole gamut from incredulity because I had thought the project impossible to achieve, to wonder, to ecstasy, and exhilaration over the actual accomplishment and breakthrough. I felt if this could happen then truly nothing was impossible. Nothing could hold us back now for we had been able to transcend the barriers and boundaries of time and space.

I knew we would be permitted to return again and again, as many times as we wished, to seek and find hidden knowledge. I could not even conceive of or imagine what wonderful adventures and insights might lie in store for us beyond the portal of the magic mirror”.

“I also realized”, Dolores says, “that just as it happens in our lives, so it is with the quatrains and separate phrases of Nostradamus which have multiple meanings because the events are repetitive moving in a spiral. In several of the quatrains he would have to combine two and three events and write about them as if they were one event, so that he could fit them into the quatrain. So, Nostradamus saw History repeating itself, following similar patterns many times during the five centuries covered by his prophecies.”