1.3 The characteristics of the vehicle

It is important to find a good vehicle, a very clear channel. Nostradamus wanted to find a suitable subject who would have the ability to enter a deep trance level. Once there, they also must have the ability to translate complex symbolism into images we can understand. A good vehicle should be educated enough to have an extensive vocabulary and an intellectual mind so that to be able to interpret and put into words the concepts he might be shown in the most succinct manner.  He should be able to grasp the concepts and show them to us in his language. Let us not forget that language changes through the ages … In order for Nostradamus to be able to put across the images, the concepts should be present in his vocabulary and should also be present in the vehicle’s vocabulary. He has noticed, he says, that if he dictates quickly, before someone has the chance to think, then the subconscious of the vehicle, which usually confuses things won’t get involved.

The vehicle must also be calm, because if he becomes inundated with emotions, if he sees scenes that carry intense feelings of emotion, he must be dissociated from it otherwise he can’t communicate anything through him. The vehicle should be willing to participate in experimentation, being an eager and open mind; eager to learn new things and gasping for knowledge.

Each vehicle has a different feel when operating through them. Each vehicle has their strengths and weaknesses. Each vehicle has their own perception of the world and their own ideas regarding communication and philosophy. Because of this, some of the meanings may be expressed differently or may seem similar but not the same ideas.
The intent and believing that we can contact each other allows you to accomplish this; the thought pattern the vehicle creates, his willingness to be a vehicle and listen, and the desire and intent to have this project accomplished. In that case, Nostradamus says, I am also open and I am calling forth on the same vibrational pattern. So it is a mutual desire to have these connections.

You are right to follow your feelings when interpreting horological symbols. Your feelings are your psychic guides helping you as they observe from their higher planes. They thereby contribute towards your insightfulness in the matter.