1. Introduction

1.1 Nostradamus interprets himself                                                                       

“As a person who has received the weight of the future, I’m imprisoned by my future memories.
It is an imprisonment because I can’t release my thoughts from what I’ve seen. I am in bondage to my thoughts. I don’t just “look” on events. I have
an experiential experience with the event. I have
an emotion. I’m much more involved than watching
a movie; I’m affected by what I see. It would be very hard not to be. Countless times I’ve tried to stop it. But besides being affected by the horror
I see, I’m also curious; so curious I want to know more. I have ambivalent feelings.

I do most of my life, my “living”, in my mind. I call it “living” because it is really taking place in my head; that’s where the real life is.”

Nostradamus himself had prophesied, five centuries ago, that he would reappear bodiless for one and only time in the future of historical time, to interpret his own prophecies; and that’s what he did. With the method of hypnosis , through which it is possible to come in contact with beings in other dimensions and with the diligent work of Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus spoke through a channel. This project lasted for ten years, from 1982 till 1992, during which many different people served as channels, many people were willing to help with this work; people from different educational backgrounds, personalities and life orientation.

He felt it very important to set up a line
of communication with the physical plane, because the time of troubles will be a very trying and difficult time. You are at a point, he said, where these events will occur during your present incarnation and will have a deep effect on the lives of everyone. It will be
a very traumatic time. The souls that are on the earth at this time were aware of these consequences before coming into this life.

People will need steadiness of purpose to make it through these times. This is why there are more old souls in proportion to young souls living today than any other time in history. The spirits on the earth at this time are here because they chose to be here, because they knew that they will be working through large amounts of major karma. You will find them everywhere, in the most unexpected places. Old souls will be in communication with each other and thanks to them the situation will be kept in balance.

The ray of hope is there and my purpose
for communicating with these quatrains was to try to at least alter, if not prevent, the worst aspects of these events from coming up. Whether the events are altered or not, even if the very worst that can happen happens, there will still be a great spiritual rebirth throughout the entire world.

And during the time of troubles, people individually will have opportunities to get in touch with themselves and realize that the materialistic values were false. After the time of troubles when people start communicating with each other again, they will find out that other people realize this also. This will cause a great rebirth of philosophy and a great blending of the best aspects of eastern and western religions. It will result in a worldwide movement of philosophical thought that is in accord with what people know and feel to be true. This will bring about the best aspects of the Age of Aquarius. If people could realize this ahead of time and hold on to this ray of hope, then they could alleviate some of the worst aspects of this time of troubles that is coming. But I fear it may be unlikely that this could happen in any widespread form, due to the materialistic values held by the majority of the populace.

I’m trying to get the news to people in enough time so that they can perhaps change their minds about some things and avert the worst of it.

Finally, I’m hoping these messages I’m trying to convey will get across in time. I’m hoping the people will be open enough to accept this and perhaps help with spreading this core of knowledge to help avert the disasters that I have seen, for they are avertable.

Michael Newton, The Journey of Souls...*