2. Quatrains dealing with the Past

I’ve decided to include a few selected quatrains pertaining to the past and to events that have already happened. In that way you will understand my line of thinking and my profound use of complex symbolism.

Let us not forget that quatrains can refer to more than one thing as History repeats itself. Because if it is a quatrain that has already come to pass, you can have a more complete picture of what happened in both of the events and can see how one quatrain can serve
for both.

Therefore, I suggest we concentrate on the ones describing events during the last 100 years or so. 

2.1 "A very evil century"

Before long everything will be organized;
we await a very evil century.
The state of the masked and the solitary ones greatly
changed, few will find that they wish to retain their rank. (II-10)

During the 20th century various revolutions and social reforms have taken place on the Asian continent. The «state of the masked and the solitary ones greatly changed» refers to the abolishing of the caste system in India. The «few wanting to retain their rank» pertains to the new regime which took over Iran after the Shah. Those who were in power under the Shah were trying to disguise their positions and disclaim any connection with him. As for the «very evil century» it refers to the 20th century starting from ... World War II until the end of the Time of Troubles on Earth that will almost encompass a century itself.