60. In order to meet
the Guide "descends" and we "ascend"

It's June 2007. Once again we are in our beloved place by the sea. I concentrate on my friend. I see dots like stars twinkling around her head and above her a figure of light is forming. I ask who is it and I get the response that it's her Guide. When we are in the vibration of the spiritual world, there is no way whatsoever that we would face the Guide speaking to us with scepticism. When we leave this vibration, the scepticism begins. 

During the moment my friend's Guide appeared, I felt it was very difficult to see the spiritual world through such dense matter. Then I sensed that the Guide telepathically perceived that I was thinking this difficulty and told me "Continue".

I know from within that the great spiritual Beings "descend" and take some ethereal forms so as to become visible to us, as we are in dense matter. I concentrate and try to see the features of his face. He tells me: "we do not have features on the face; we just take a shape to become "visible" to you. It's the energies that bring us together". When he appeared I felt he smiled, although he didn't have features. He sent us love. The room was filled with green and mauve light, which was thicker in some places and thinner in others, creating various formations that reminded us of archetypal shapes. Then he sent me the message "the Eternal doesn't change, it always bears the same forms" and he immediately turned into the shape of an eagle.

My friend's physical form darkened, then it became mauve and the outline of this mauve light reminded us of Tibetan figures, like Buddha statues. Around her the densification of the mauve light's spin and its lightness created some patterns that looked sometimes like a hawk sometimes like a cross and at other times like a non-identifiable Being, which might have existed in other worlds, or on Earth. This is how dense matter is formed: first thin, ethereal matter is shaped and this is what we call the aura, which is not yet visible to most people.

After that, Light streamed out of the top of my friend's head creating a mauve fountain of light. I thought "My friend looks so bright". I was very tired from the intense concentration and "came out" of that vibration.
During recent years, the Masters have come from the spiritual world and literally shown me the greatness that is in front of my eyes without my knowing it. Nobody's life can be the same after they have encountered this greatness.

I realise that my transition from the material to the spiritual world is happening gradually and when the moment of completion arrives, I feel that leaving my body will happen with softness and subtlety.