61. The Masters are sending Light to the Plan

It's September 2007. I have a vision. A Being made of light with large wings carries my friend's Guide within whom all the Masters that have been helping us during this time appear as light forms. Opposite them stands the very creation of this site, which you're reading right now. Altogether they send Light to this creation.
I get the strength and courage to go on with the effort to understand myself deeper and more profoundly; to watch my subconscious and the way it manifests; to see how far I stand from the truth and to get rid of whatever leads me elsewhere other than this. The Truth is my only goal.
Now I know from within that all my efforts in this life are to know myself, to accept it, to abolish my ego and dive into the only truth which identifies with the divine One, and deep down it's the same one for us all.
I saw with my own eyes the change of my soul's vibration from blue to violet. So far I have realised by experience that I must stay in this phase for as long as these truths need in order to become solid within me and my faith become strengthened. The fact that I saw the aura doesn't mean that my faith is cast-iron. All the points inside me where I still have needs make me vulnerable to falling below the divine frequency. The stabilisation of the vibration within each one of us is a process that takes time, as happens with all changes. Besides, essentially this is the fall we are all fighting and this is mentioned in the Scriptures, that is to say the energy fall from the divine Truth. The Master says "...you should know that the transformation of universal energy, meaning  the operation of the energy centres is not a matter of the mind's order, but the result of elaborating on the lessons of respective experiences." By living we shall get to know everything.

The truth I have been experiencing in recent years is that there is an invisible world that is visible now, since at least one can see it! ... In the case of the aura there have been and there are many people around the world who can see it and I indeed believe that it will gradually become more visible and recognisable to us all. What I know is that viewing the aura makes me happy, opens my soul and my heart towards others and gives me the courage to go on.
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