59. Love unites the natural and the etheral world

Saturday, 10 March 2007. We are at my friend's home with her brother. The three of us are having a discussion and my friend remembers how their father, who passed away many years ago, put them to bed when they were children and said goodnight in his own humorous and sweet way, which was acting out a pantomime to them.

My friend's father bore a very advanced soul, vibrating in a mauve colour, which I could see in his photos. The moment we mentioned his name, the air conditioner on the opposite wall, switched on, worked for a few seconds and switched back off.

The way it operated wasn't normal. It reminded us of the sound made by the old steam engines when they have stopped at the railway station. A second later its flaps reopened by themselves and it started working again. Then, it "sighed" and stopped immediately after. The air conditioner was not on. Nobody had touched the machine nor its remote control. The timer was not on. We all knew at the same time within ourselves that this was a greeting from their father's soul and light. From the first instant we know within ourselves whether something is true or not. The air conditioner had never operated in this way in the past nor in the future did this or anything similar ever happened again. The "message" was clear.

The room was full of a mauve and green light with the diagonal pattern that we came across in chapter 58. The love my friend had for him brought "him" close. He "greeted" us in a very intense way, declaring his love and presence to us.

Love unites the two worlds, the physical and the one that comes after or more correctly, the one running side by side with the natural one, i.e. the spiritual world. Everything exists simultaneously, but most of it escapes our attention. Besides, we all know it within ourselves that love unites and creates, while its absence causes desolation, hurts and destroys.