58. I also see my friend's aura
when she's not here


It's the spring of 2007. I am home alone, resting. Suddenly the room is filled with green and mauve light. It is so intense that all the objects around me "disappear" and I am completely inside this Light. Later that day, when I spoke to my friend, she told me that at the same time I saw this Light, she was transferring energy. That same coincidence was repeated many times afterwards. On another day, when I saw my house filled with the same bright Light, she told me that she was praying at that particular time.

The aura of my friend has two dominant colours, green and mauve, which always fill the space around her. I see it whenever we meet and also without her physical presence. The green light, which is the colour of unconditional love, shows that the friend first uses the fourth chakra, because this serves the purpose of giving which she has undertaken in this particular incarnation. She is distinguished by the infinite, eternal and unchanging love for everyone and everything. Therefore, the green light she bears is very strong and crystal clear. However, the dominant colour of her aura is mauve, the colour of insight and ability to abolish the restrictive dimensions of the Earth, namely matter, space and time and even the colour of expanding the ability to receive and send energy of the finer vibrations.

Every person reveals his absolute personal vibrating pattern in his aura. His energy field consists of a set of geometric and other patterns and forms, which might be vibrating from chaos and disorder to absolute harmony and balance. I see this perfectly diagonal pattern in my friend's aura.

Whenever I am inside this light, space and time disappear and I feel perfectly happy and complete. Often, it's enough to connect through our thoughts with people that make us serene and enrich us so as to "inhabit" in this way their aura and enjoy the feeling of unity.