57. The true meaning of the "blue blooded" Royals


The phrase "blue blooded" Royals once represented a higher meaning. The real Noble person was the one whose soul was of blue Light. Since the Light, that is to say the energy, circulates through the blood to vitalize matter, the words "blue blooded" was coined and it declared the man who belonged to the "royal family" energy wise and not materialistically wise, meaning the family of high energy frequencies, the family of advanced souls. However, a great misunderstanding arose over the centuries: people identified the meaning of "blue blooded", of the ethereal Royals, with the Earthly-material kings.

The phrase "blue blooded" is literal. When we stand up suddenly and our blood doesn't have time to flow properly, we say that everything "darkens" or that we see "stars". The "blue blooded", in this case, see blue dots or blue spherules. Essentially the difference doesn't manifest itself in this way but through the personality and morals of a person who bears the characteristics of absolute purity and giving towards his fellow man.

Today there are only a few "blue" people on earth.

A good friend, P whose profession is a doctor, is called "Panteleimon", meaning someone who always helps everybody. He bears a light-blue, pure and luminous energy. His characteristics are: the high morality and the constant offering of his medical knowledge to others, often without payment. This makes him a first choice for patients. Because he gives unconditionally, his colleagues have reservations as to his motives, but at the same time, just to be safe, they ask for his expert knowledge.