56. The energy transfer

It's Christmas 2003. I am with my friend and one of her beloved friends, a soul mate, "M". Their dominant aura colour is mauve, and that is why I'm particularly interested in observing the energy exchange between them. M feels that she needs energy strengthening. The friend puts one hand on the seventh energy centre of M and the other on the fifth energy centre, at the back of her neck, the centre of communication. By experience I realised that the absorption of energy is considerably greater when done from behind the body.

The room is filled with mauve light. At the point where the hand is, on the seventh energy centre, the mauve light thickens and vibrates intensely. Immediately afterwards the most important part of this experience is revealed to me. I see a column of platinum light descending vertically and entering the seventh energy centre of the friend who is transferring the energy at that time. I feel within myself that during this moment I literally see the energy that exists in the universe, being transferred through our friend to someone who needs it. The friend transforms it and M takes it in, as she is open and receptive. Their relationship is one of absolute trust and cooperation. The energy flows smoothly. The whole room is filled with this mauve light. After five minutes the process is completed. Both of them feel reinvigorated.

I realise that when we send energy we ourselves benefit first of all, because it must pass through us.