50. My Guide

I want to know who my Guide is. I ask inwardly "what's your name" and she answers, "Iris". As I always check and recheck every such experience and I first say to myself, "No way, it must be my mind answering me in my imagination", I ask again at a random moment, when there is no emotional pressure. In this case, no matter how many times as I ask, the answer is always "Iris". However, one day the answer started coming from the external world. Once, while I was asking myself, an excursion coach passed with the label Iris on it. The next day, while I was wondering again, I saw a bottle of water with the name Iris on it in front of me. Every time I think of this issue or I have a question or a problem to solve, Iris appears in front of me in one way or another and I know that she's with me. It's the Iris of the Eye that allows me to see the aura. It's Iris - Jesus, depicted by the Renaissance artist Raphael in his famous painting entitled "The dispute at the Eucharist".

I read in ancient Greek mythology that the goddess Iris, the goddess with the name of the "Rainbow", was a Messenger (deriving from the word Angelos=Angel in ancient Greek, meaning the One who carries the news or the Angel). Hesiod, the ancient Greek poet, in his work "Theogony" (:on the origins of men and Gods) mentions in verses 780-787 that when gods quarrel among themselves, Zeus sends the goddess Iris to restore the divine order to all those gods and goddesses who have lost their way and have been isolated because of their anger. All of us were once gods in the sense that we were united with our higher Self. My Guide Iris comes to remind me of the existence of the spiritual world and my place in it. Even when I lose my faith and feel alone, viewing the aura reconnects me with the Light and my higher Self. Then I become complete and happy again.

The manifestation of my Guide, which I realised so clearly for the first time, happened in the beginning of the '90s. I was walking with a friend of mine on the pavement of an avenue in Athens. In front of us there was a very old car, whose battery was being charged by someone, with cables connected to the battery of another car. At that moment I was warned internally by a female voice that the car was going to start by itself, without a driver, and that I should stop walking immediately. I didn't realise this warning consciously; I just received it in a flash. Only after the incident, while I was processing the internal and external events, I realised the ever so clear warning. Now I understand how many times we receive - without knowing it - the hyper-coverage of our Guides ... what we simply call ... "we had a guardian angel" .

Then, again in fractions of a second and internally, because there wasn't much time to warn him orally, I "said" to my friend "Stop" and he froze exactly where he was. The telepathic communication had saved us.

Without anyone behind the wheel, the car started, crossed the flow of traffic coming down Alexandra's avenue, went over the central reservation at top speed and hit the door of a completely astonished car driver who, fortunately, wasn't hurt. It seems that more than one internal force worked at that time towards the happy ending. The incident left everyone open-mouthed and even more so me and my friend. Especially afterwards, when we immediately went for coffee and discussed the internal facts. My friend told me that something made him freeze; obviously his Guide and perhaps together with my backing.

Even if a Guide has "no sex", because it's an immaterial being, it appears to us in a specific form, because we see him or her as she/he was incarnated from some other life in which we had lived together. I "see" this specific Guide in me as the form of a peaceful woman, standing in front of a fireplace with one hand resting on its mantelpiece, talking to me very sweetly. She's dressed in clothes of the 30's and the fireplace, where she stands, is of an art deco style. I feel that it's a scene from that previous life we had lived together. As it seems, we were incarnated here on Earth in the decade of the '30s as well. Her presence calms me and gives me confidence. Her revelation in me overwhelmed me and for years later I brought this incident into my mind. I realised that my faith in the existence of this world had already been established.

Iris, thank you for always being next to me on such occasions. This relationship is proportional and we could say the continuation of a real love affair, where each partner continually reinforces and assists the other in a perpetual unification movement.

Lets assume that all this doesn't exist; we can't do anything else but accept the fact that also in this life, there is a person we deeply loved and who loved us back, who was always there for us, listened to the depth of our soul, is our guide anyway; we consult him or her, think of him or her in our troubles, yearn to see and hear him or her. My longing for my Guide is the same. Only if we feel that way for someone in our physical life, can we understand what is happening in the ethereal one and then we shall join internally the "before" and the "after death", as a single, continuous internal life. The inner life is immaterial anyway, like our emotions, which manifest only through their results. My internal life manifests its existence through my very actions.
Michael Newton - Journey of Souls...*