46. When we open ourselves to the Light,
all our senses broaden


11 July 2002. We are at the summer house. Suddenly the space is filled again with the aroma of incense. I know by now that this experience is a salute from Him, a reminder of His Existence. I'm thinking that when our consciousness broadens it implies the broadening of all our senses as well. A few months later I am home alone and this same aroma comes to me again. I feel moved. Many times in the future He will salute us in this way.

When I had almost finished writing "The Aura Diary" I mailed a copy to my favourite painter. She had undertaken to paint the images of the aura. She told me that as soon as she had opened the box, an aroma of incense overwhelmed her. I know that it was a message of the Masters who watch over us and aid our efforts.

I'm reading my friend's book "The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy". I focus my vision on the letter-press characters in order to see the light emitted by the specific text. Suddenly, the letters are converted into a script and a language totally unknown to me. Using a pencil I trace exactly what I see. There is a lot of punctuation, or so it seems to me, which I note with precision. After some time and investigation, we discovered that what I saw was Aramaic, the ancient Hebrew language, in which Matthew the Evangelist had indeed written his Gospel.

In the image, we have depicted the aura exactly as it appears around the letters in one of Cavafy's poems.

Whenever I connect to the Light in order to see something new to me, the space is filled with mauve Light.