45. The abolition of space

It's Saturday, 22 June 2002. I am home alone. I'm looking at the moon and concentrating in it. I see its entire aura for the first time, which extends a good distance around it (image above).

I intensify my concentration and I suddenly see, as suddenly as I had seen the aura for the first time, the cortex of the moon (image below right) as if I had taken a very close shot, as we say in the film industry. I am thinking "I'm rather imagining things now". I look again and I make sure that it's not fiction.

At the same time I literally see the moon spinning. It was some time later I understood what had been revealed to me: we have the capacity to literally abolish distance and see the details of what is far away with our internal vision.

In fact I experienced the abolition of space and I realised that we do indeed have huge potential, which not only are we not aware of, but most people don't even want to be aware of.

After a long time I concentrate on Greece as a concept and as a country. Its aura emerges. It is light blue.