44. A salute from the spiritual world


Later on the same day. After being emotional, my rational side took over. We went outside the specific window only to realise that if that figure was human, he should be at least 2.50 meters tall, to be able to look through that window. There was no ladder outside he could have used. We sit on the veranda again. The emotion returns together with the aroma of incense. With the corner of our eye we see a figure moving around outside at the back of the house and I see it from the windows literally flying a few centimetres above the ground, crossing the house from one end to the other. So, I experienced with my own eyes what people paint and write about spirits. The emotion returns even deeper.

The next day the Universe tries us. At the same place where we had seen "the flying figure", there's a young couple standing, trying to unlock the door of the apartment next to ours. They have just arrived for holidays. We wonder whether we had seen one of them the previous day and didn't realise it. The earthly doubt of the mind gives way to faith: we know within that the figure we saw was a Being from the spiritual world, which indeed had come to salute us. The Universe often tries our judgement and our ability to distinguish what is spiritual and what isn't.