38. Analogies ...


I open my eyes again and look at the sun setting from the same point. Mauve spheres with blue outlines appear in front of the sun, moving in all directions until they vanish (upper image). The colours are the same as those I've seen emerging from my friend's forehead between her eyebrows, when she is concentrating and transfusing energy to people, except that the spheres are cut vertically and form hemispheres flying in formation. Sometimes they're whole, but still they have a specific formation. The sun sends out energy to everyone and everywhere. This is also the very energy my friend transmits - how could it be different anyway - but in her case the energy moves in a specific formation because it is directed towards a specific purpose and specific people.

Immediately afterwards I see a large sphere of the same colour (picture above) moving to my right and while flying it broadens and right after it divides into two smaller spheres, and they in turn into smaller ones, until they suddenly disappear, as happens with light. The image of the fertilised ovum in the uterus comes into my mind, which starts from the formation of a spherical cell, then divides into two cells, and each of them divide again, and so forth. I go even more macroscopically and think of the depiction of the big bang. Everything in the Created World has a correlation, everything is in harmony. For the moment only man is inharmonious with the World, striving to develop and reach the prototype model of his structure, presented on the planet 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the most advanced Man-God. The perfection of the Laws of Nature, part of which was the Lord, invites us to pay attention to it, look at it face to face and move forward with the Soul's Strength.

I wonder how I can see the light so clearly for seconds, since it moves at the known speed of 300,000 kilometres per second, and its sudden disappearance shows exactly this. I'm thinking that the only explanation is that I enter into another dimension for a few seconds and I actually see the energy. However, my human nature doesn't allow me to watch the rest of the light's journey, as this would only happen if I didn't have a material body and I too was only light. Then I could actually do it. For now I forego this version in order to live. Inside matter I remember again that man also has his pleasures and joys. I remember the Lord again.

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