27. The portrait of a friend
and his energy enhancement


I see a friend's, N's aura. It is yellow with traces of green, which look like small bristles of a brush. The yellow of his aura is very dirty and dim and I know that this is due to the ever so many fears he has in life. The electric-blue light I see as a second band is the blue light appearing in the auras of everyone who long for and follow the change of the Age of Aquarius.

We sit altogether and drink coffee. My friend and N., are sitting side by side and talking. I sit opposite them and observe them. I gradually see, as it usually happens, their figures getting darker like shadows and mauve-blue spheres coming out of my friend's forehead, as shown in the drawings below, and they rest in our friend's aura, on and around his head. The process is completed in a fraction of a second. To check that I indeed see correctly, I blink. I see the spheres constantly gathering in N.'s aura around his material body, as shown in the sketch on the bottom right hand side .

The room is filled with mauve-blue spheres. The next day, our friend says, "What a wonderful feeling our company left me with yesterday!" I am thinking that I literally saw this "wonderful" feeling of his. It was the mauve-blue spheres, which he slowly absorbed and it appears that their effect lasts for several hours.

I'm reading in the book, "The power of Thought" by Master Morya that "if a thought is directed with special clarity to a specific person, no doubt it will touch his aura." I had just seen the actual touch of the aura by clear thoughts.

In the future I witnessed the transformation of this man and his victory over his fear. N. is certainly an example of a man, whose faith literally saved him from the evils that were nesting in his soul. I also understood that clear and bright thoughts are never lost; on the contrary, there comes a time when they are implemented in the material world.
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