16. Thank you, Lord
Thank you, my friend

It's morning and we're sitting in front of the sea. While talking to my friend I feel that I must pay special attention to her words.

Now that I'm writing, I remember that at that moment I felt a force coming towards me and I was using all my strength and concentration in order to cope with it. I started to see a cloud of lilac "pouring" down my friend's hair and shoulders, but rather I saw it clearly coming out of her mouth as she spoke. Was it scary? Not at all. Instead I felt the warmth which velvet leaves with its softness. I felt Absolute Love, Optimism, Peace, Power. I felt the presence of a Master. What a sense of humility this is that makes Him come to us, we who are so small, that the Light itself concerns itself with us! There is hope. Children all over the world, there is hope and love.

We people know so little... But whoever imagines the Infinite without getting scared can fly in it - inside - to meet the Light and understand that all these abstract concepts are worlds which exist and lead us to the real Life.

I will never forget the purple-lilac cloud flowing like velvet from her mouth, filling the place. I want to tell you Lord, thank You. I look up but I lower my gaze.