15. We are inside His Body


It's morning on the veranda. The handrail, the rails and the edge of the roof, have from one side blue and violet light and from the other an excellent ruby red and yellow. I feel that it is the aura of the Sun covering everything.

I clearly see everything there is in the three dimensional space behind the aura streaks, because the streaks are completely transparent. I think of the stained glass windows in churches, the precious stones and visible laser beams. The aura I see is more beautiful than all this, without comparison. At a certain place in the house where we live, there is a precious stone called an opal. I take it as a sign. Opal appears in tints of the rainbow. I'm thinking that by looking at precious stones, people subconsciously remember the field of Love they left as souls, the aura that they could see. They named them precious stones, because they reminded them of the Precious Existence.

From the veranda I see innumerable rainbows up in the sky. I see the detailing of solar rays in their spectrum, so-called by the science of optics, the Sun spectrum.

All our knowledge is in bits and pieces. We need to put it together in order to truly see.

We live inside the light and we don't understand it. It seems to me that this light that I'm seeing now is the Body of the Lord and all of the advanced Beings existing in Him. That's exactly what we mean when we say that we live inside His body. It's literal! When someone sees the light, the aura, there's no need to go to a specific place to worship Him. His soul opens wherever he is at every single moment and the Energy of the Light of our Lord enters him. Then he feels complete.