17. Every man bears his own light inside the omnipresent and all fulfilling Being


In the room we rented for the holidays, all the furniture and objects have my friend's aura, except for the cushions where it's different. It strikes me that my friend's pillow has a purple-mauve aura, while mine has a light blue one. Of course this happens because the top three centres of energy are on our head and therefore the energy identity of every person is projected more strongly.

Every person has his or her own light in the world, which they leave in the invisible field as well. A clairvoyant can see, no matter how many years may pass, the aura of the people who passed from a place. The purple aura, which is the strongest of all, prevails in the room. In Physics we learn that purple light is the higher colour of the spectrum and has the shortest wavelength, which means that it's faster than all the other colours. Hence the purple aura prevails over the other vibrations and covers everything faster. That's how the Masters hyper-cover us with their energy; we can even sense them, provided we leave all our channels open. This is how we exist, all people and animals, all the material and immaterial beings inside the Body of the omnipresent and all fulfilling Being.

After some time, having returned to Athens, I got the idea to look at the dominant colour of the Masters' aura through their texts, or any illustrations at our disposal, sculptures, or any work in general that they have left behind. Therefore, I made a list of some of the great Masters: Hercules, Aeolus, Pythagoras, Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Apollonius of Tyana, Lobsang Rampa, Buddha, Illarion, Kout Humi Lal Singh, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Earl of St. Germaine, Morya, Kahlil Gibran, Mother Gavrilia, Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Besant, Elifas Levi, da Vinci, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Kazantzakis, Constantine P. Cavafy, Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung, Scott Peck, Gandhi, Michael Newton, Stephen Hawking. I included Jesus in the list as well.

To check and recheck the colours of each one's aura, I painted the hue of the mauve I saw next to each name. Afterwards I hid this list and repainted a fresh list every time I felt I could see very clearly. Actually, I let an even longer time lapse in between the lists I painted. Comparing the lists after a long time, I realised that I had painted exactly the same hue for every Master in all of them. Another interesting finding was that each Master had a different hue of mauve. Those who worked with a lot of people had a lighter hue than those who created without mixing with many; as if it were a palette with all the hues of mauve. I also knew that during these dark times, many unknown Masters are on Earth to help people. Each one's different hue is due to the different abilities that each one brings, in order to place his own stone to God's Work, covering different needs, all essential to this enormous puzzle. Every little piece of the Plan is equally important.

Finally, with my heart wide open, I found out that the only colour that differed from all the others' was that of Jesus: it was the only one that contained all the colours of the spectrum and all their hues that exist in the world. What ultimately emerged from Him was a silver colour, nothing like it on earth. Through a fan that opened very widely, spinning constantly, the colour of the Lord spread out in front of my wonder-stricken eyes...