14. The aura of the Sun


I am on the beach. I close my eyes and see the shape pictured on the left. Its depiction is almost like this. In fact, the image I see is completely geometric. The lines constantly vibrate, as if they are ceaselessly coming towards me from the centre.

On the cover of Leadbeater's book "The Chakras, a Monograph" part of which is presented here on the right, the seventh energy centre is illustrated at the top of a person's head, which reminds me of the picture I had on the beach, and also the equivalent experience I had on 27 February 2002

I was looking at the sun, facing it as it rose from behind my house. What is painted circularly in this illustration of the book, I saw exactly around the sun, only the light was alive. In the position, of what looks like an eye in Leadbeater's image, I see the sun. I feel that I see its aura. I see circular beams, such as the ones displayed at the side, concerning the third energy centre. The more I look at the Sun's aura the more optimistic I feel, as if experiencing this feeling for the first time.

During those days a book by Carl Jung came into my hands, which contained mantalas painted by Jung himself. What I see reminds me very much of them. These forms are archetypical and depict the soul, or the collective Unconscious, as Jung says.

Mantalas are the illustrated imprints of the energy spin.