13. The messages we don't want to see


I returned to Athens. It was the evening of 23 February 2002 when I went back home after work. By chance I started watching a documentary on TV about the geometric field shapes appearing in England.

Among other things, the documentary showed a video shot by an amateur filmmaker.

One night he recorded with his video camera two golden spherules when, in front of human eyes within a minute, they made rapid cyclical movements over the fields and formed one of the most well-known field shapes in England.

The two golden spherules shown in the documentary were the same as the ones I saw coming out of my friend's forehead and the one pictured in the book, "Thought-Forms", by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. The next day this very video was shown at a central news programme, only to be completely ignored immediately afterwards. Nobody asked why artists would make these shapes of extraordinary precision anonymously in one night, without announcing such an achievement, because it is indeed an achievement to be able to make something so unique on the planet overnight.

Naturally, when someone's soul isn't ready to accept the truth, they don't believe what happens even if it happens in front of their very own eyes. The amateur video was cast aside as the result of editing, without telling us how and where this took place. Nobody in the documentary was aware of the book "The Prophecy of the Blue Light", which has specifically addressed the issue of the field shapes in England. Besides, modern science still views all this as parapsychology.

What would happen, however, if a scientist had this experience? The very work of Nicola Tesla and the Kirlians gives a very important answer: the area considered belonging to the invisible over all these years is now, scientifically measurable and recognisable.

Stephen Hawking's opening to the spiritual world is clear from the results of his own work. The book "A Brief History of Time" in its illustrated version has been universally read almost as much as the Bible. Hawking, one of the physicists who has influenced the evolution of Physics like very few others in our days, has a mauve aura.

I am thinking that science is not opposed to spiritual experiences. Precisely through such experiences it finds new ways of searching and experimentation, expanding the horizons of humanity. A scientist, apart from continuous training and commitment to science bases his or her inspiration on it, that is to say, on what our Guides imbue in us. Inspiration emanates from the spiritual world so that we bring new discoveries into effect in our three-dimensional, material world.

Let's view the case of the field shapes in England again. The most important finding is that after scientific measurements the following came up: in the same field where a shape was engraved, time is different for someone who is standing outside than for someone who is inside the shape; it is altered inside the field shape. I wonder why.

Most of the time when I close my eyes, I see these circles, as they appeared in the fields of England. They are alive, constantly vibrating inside and make me feel that the World is infinite, huge and what I'm experiencing right now is so small, that if I could see it as a whole, I would say that it looks like a joke.

I am completely open to the new. I feel that the Word is sending us messages for anyone who has the eyes to see them. I have the feeling that these Golden Globes emanate from the Word that unites the World.