10. Watching the aura makes me happy


We are on a beach. A very cheerful group of tourists is in front of us. They are playing and having fun. Each person has his contour next to him that is full, white and vibrating. And the same goes for all the objects. It is like seeing two worlds at the same time. In between them there are many rainbows as well as a big one, which evoke the sense of celebration and joy. As a matter of fact I realise that I am indeed seeing the two worlds simultaneously. What a blessing!

In Joseph Ostrom's book "You and Your Aura" (1987) I read that what I see is called ethereal body. Indeed he reports that in the old days they called it a ghost, a spirit, a fairy. Oh, the so-called, well known ghost ... Well, it is not that frightful. On the contrary, it is a game. The first band of the tourists' aura is white. Later on I read in Michael Newton's book "Journey of Souls" that white colour is emitted by the souls that are in the initial stages of development.

The ethereal bodies of the tourists that I observe are white also. I am thinking that this is the reason the belief that ghosts are all white has prevailed; because they are souls at initial stages of development. And that is why they are attached to the Earth after their disincarnation.

I record every single thing I see concerning the aura. I never cease to be sceptical at the same time. Besides, scepticism is included in my studies, in the way I and everybody else in the West were raised. But what exactly should I doubt? Everything I witness with my own eyes? This would mean doubting my own self. In any case, I am examining everything I see. Most impressive is that everything I see is not only recorded in books, but these books came into my hands after I had already seen the aura and had experimented with it, watching different people under different circumstances.

From now on I know that seeing the aura means my entry into the invisible world. Each viewing of the aura is accompanied by a sense of lasting euphoria, joy, celebration and Love. I do not need any explanation. I am happy!