11. Unification of the bodies -
Unification of the souls


We are experimenting with my friend on the beach. We are bringing our index fingers together until they slightly touch each other.

 I clearly see the aura, as presented in the upper sketch. The left hand with the purple aura is my friend's and the right one, my own.

Then, we slightly touch them at the tips, as shown in the middle sketch. After we draw our hands apart, I observe a cut in the aura at the point where we touched, as shown in the bottom sketch.

I am thinking that if after such a soft touch the aura is literally cut, what would actually happen when two people are making love? When we embrace each other we don't only merge our bodies but our Light as well, during that particular moment, when love is outpouring and turns into making love.

I see people around me who constantly change their sexual partners without love and their aura is filled with... patches. I realise that the word "immoral" is not an abstract concept, but it literally means all these acts are done without pure stimulus deriving from the soul.