7. Who should I thank
for the exquisite spectacle?

The same evening, my friend is sitting on the veranda. She begins sending positive energy by thought and I concentrate in order to observe the aura. I see what is pictured in the sketch. How could one paint the LIGHT, its intensity and vibration... "... Art, the imitation of a beautiful and complete/perfect action ..." (Aristotle, "Poetics"). And yet, the beloved artist has painted my particular experience successfully.

My friend is praying and I see the same platinum light that I had seen in front of my head in the mirror. The spectacle is exquisite. I don't know who to thank for my ability to see it. My friend would say, "Start with yourself". Now it is dark. The contrast with the darkness makes the light around her head even more intense.

The following thoughts come into my mind: The Tibetan monks' hats are the imitations of the aura of people with advanced souls in the visible world. Every construction of human beings on Earth is an imitation of the invisible world, of the world of ideas. This is how it proves that Plato did indeed see the invisible world and what he reports, that is to say the tangible world is an imitation of the world of ideas, it is literal and not some theory of the mind.

Besides, before Plato, it was Hermes the Thrice Greatest who had said: "As above and below".