6. Truths are revealed one after the other

I am trying to see my aura in the mirror. While I am concentrating, my reflection completely blackens, as if a hole has appeared where the reflection of my face used to be, as if my face had become the negative of a photograph. This happens every time I see the aura of a person: the shape is blackened, the characteristics are lost, and the Light from the internal, invisible fields emerges. By no means do I worry, and naturally I am not afraid. The light begins to diffuse from the back of my head. It is a platinum coloured light as if a sun existed behind my head. The thought that this is what halos are, crosses my mind. I immediately skip it. I am thinking "it can't be true". Within my self, however, I know that the moments when I see the aura, I have already passed internally to a higher vibration.

The fact that each time I see the aura of a person and his or her shape blackens and appears as a shadow, brings Plato to mind, who mentions people as shadows in his work, "The Republic". As time goes by, I constantly discover that Plato meant what he wrote literally, and that obviously, he, together with Socrates saw or felt the aura. The shadow puppet shows of Eastern countries, such as China, Japan, Burma as well as others, including Greece, were born from this existential thought, that is to say, in reality, we are shadows covered by Light. That is why the shadow puppet show is so popular - because it reminds us of this truth.

Art brings forth other analogies into my mind. The Harlequin's costume from Commedia dell' Arte, the theatre of Renaissance, reminds me of man's astral body, whose sketch I saw in Barbara Ann Brennan's book "Hands of light" (sketches by Joseph A. Smith).

That's why this costume has remained unchanged from the Renaissance until today, because it is what we call archetypal. Is there a child that has not played, laughed or shed tears with the beloved clown? Indeed, the inspiration for his costume is more than literal ... a costume which is none other than the depiction of the astral body, i.e. that part of the aura which shows all our emotions, feelings and basic elements of our character.

I wonder what would happen if all people could see the aura. We would know the truth about one another all the time! Lies would be revealed in a world where cunning artifice would have no place, only the crystal clear lucidity of our self. And most importantly, we would see likely future illnesses before they break out in our body, and in that way we would strengthen the organ which is about to sicken so that we would avoid illness.

And to think that all this could really happen! ...

Lobsang Rampa...*