5. I can see my aura


31 August 2001.

It is the next day, once again on the same veranda, in the afternoon. I strongly wish to see my aura. I begin to concentrate on the open palm of my right hand. A transparent "lace" starts to shape around my fingers. After a while, I can see the colour blue, light blue.

Later on, while I was reading Michael Newton's book "The Journey of Souls", I realised that as far as my energy frequency is concerned, I belong to a small percentage of incarnated souls. I keep this information, in order to check its validity every now and then in the future.

However, my query as to why I have such a big difference in my perception of the world and the attitude of my life from the majority of the people is somehow answered ... During such moments arrogance lurks in order to destroy the journey of development. I will fall victim many times over in the future, as each soul that is in a hurry to grow before its due time does, particularly when the "end" of incarnations on the earth begins to gleam and the fatigue of the soul accumulated has been great...

My memory begins to come back, recalling all those senses that I once had for other lives which I had lived in other places on Earth. What activated my memory was first of all specific persons, but also smells, senses, atmospheres and negative and positive emotions.

 Just as in a lifetime, when you have several years of experience on a subject, you accumulate knowledge and you acquire freedom and ease in the particular job or subject. This is how it goes with the total of lifetimes. Living many lives on Earth, we accumulate knowledge for life itself, until sometime when we acquire real freedom and ease internally and then happiness is permanently within us. But until this is done, we pass through the difficult pathway of self-knowledge, the first step of which is seeing precisely who we really are, without beautifications. A laborious process, with a lot of frustrations, many setbacks and further developments, until we become light, that is to say, until we overcome fear and insecurity.

I begin to experience that paradise exists on Earth, when it exists inside my self, irrelevant of the external environment.