4. A Prayer towards everyone and everything


I am observing my friend at some point while she is concentrating. I know that she feels deeply and absolutely sincere about what she is doing.

I am watching her forehead, in between her eyes, faintly vibrating. The area in front of her head reminds me of a bright blue cloud. As far as my eyes can see, without losing my own concentration, the whole place is filled with a blue and platinum light. Near her face the light is more intense.

Behind her head, what is drawn with yellow would be described as a pellucid cloud of white and gold mixed together, which glows much more vividly than material gold.

I take off my glasses which I wear for myopia. I see the aura myopically distorted. I put them on again and see it clearly. An image is forming in my brain, which means that the light is passing through my eyes and is being transferred by the optic nerve to the brain. This light is the Light and it is perceptible by the third eye, which means my sixth energy centre together with my own two eyes.

In Joseph Ostrom's book called "You and your Aura" he refers to the 7 million cone cells and the 130 million rods which are the cells that enable the human eye to see. The cone cells are for focusing in daylight and the rods are sensitised when daylight fades, and enable us to see in the dark. "The rods" Ostrom writes, "are the receivers of our peripheral sight. Under conditions of low light, the rods are covered with a substance called rhodopsin, known as visual purple. The visual purple, which in reality is a dark red colour, is very sensitive to light and it turns white as soon as light falls on the recipient. As the intensity of the light gets weaker, the rhodopsin is reassembled. With this peripheral sight and under conditions of low lighting the rods capture the aura."