3. The game of the Light

Since the day the "because" came into my life, all the other lights seemed fake to me. The love of the LIGHT is the greatest love on Earth.

And now that I am writing, I feel as if I am living it again. The moment I mentally go back to that experience, I see on my computer keyboard an astonishing purple-mauve light moving very fast through my fingers.

It appears as a dot of light that flickers on and off so fast, giving the impression that there are many dots of light on the keyboard, the mouse and in front of the screen. It is glowing and so beautiful. A "chase" follows. It is like a game. The Light inside the dot gets more intense and becomes a stunning glow. I have the feeling that I will see something else as well. I think about it with my mind and it disappears.

As in every flirtation the same goes for flirting with the LIGHT, where one shouldn't be scared, no matter how absurd this may seem inside our limited mind. Fear chases away love, fear chases away the Light.

In the sketch, the purple-mauve arrows show the course of the dot of light. The light radiated by the dot is drawn with yellow. I feel like a child playing. I become a child playing. I name this game THE CHASE OF LIGHT. It is a game that demands a clear heart, a game that asks us to set ourselves free and it completely excludes superficiality.