2. The moment I first saw the aura

Four years later, specifically on 30 August 2001, literally in a flash, I saw the most fascinating thing I had ever seen in my whole life. We were on holiday at a beach. In the evening, while we were sitting on the veranda, chatting with my friend, at some point as I looked at her, all of a sudden - and who would expect it to happen in any other way - I saw over her head exactly what is drawn in the sketch: two tubes made of light, a purple-mauve one and an electric blue one. Inside them the light was endlessly vibrating and transparent, as I could see everything that was behind them. I didn't ask myself, not even for one second, what it was I was watching. Within me I knew that it was the aura.   

That moment a feeling of perfection overwhelmed me. I was watching a fascinating light. There is nothing like it on Earth. The colours were vivid, intense, and the purple-mauve seemed to be flowing out of the tube and cascading over my friend's hair.

The two tubes reminded me of holographic ones and their size was as can be seen in the sketch. The more I concentrated on the intense limpid light travelling through the two light tubes, the more intense it became.

Gradually, my ability to see it vibrating more and more vividly increased. This fact assured me that the LIGHT exists; it even made that very picturesque landscape where we were standing seem pale in comparison ... I thought, "Now I understand. This must TRULY be Apollo's Light", and then, "THE INVISIBLE WORLD ACTUALLY EXISTS, but how can I share all this miraculous Light I am watching right now with others?"

Now I understand why people who think they believe, while they haven't really SEEN, speak cruelly. And here is why people who have seen, remain silent: what could they say, how could they describe the love that is born by the LIGHT? Who can understand what it feels like being in love, if they have never fallen in love before?

From that moment onwards I never wanted to stop watching the LIGHT. Now I feel I really understand: why others languish and others are in ecstasy, why those that haven't seen are scared and confuse the dark with the LIGHT, so many questions... Fortunately, the moment of the "because" has come.

Then, a wish emerged from deep inside me: to contribute to the relief of more souls by showing them the way towards watching the Light.