1. The beginning of my real life


My real life began on January 1997, when I attended a seminar called "Man as a transformer of energy". I ended up there as a result of a chain of coincidences and completely unexpectedly to me, as I believed that these things are practiced mainly by people who haven't even seen their own self, let alone having been awakened. But now I know that these were not coincidences.

My soul, thirsty for understanding and deeper communication, laughed at the ignorance and superficial "knowledge donations", which glutted this area of metaphysics. It laughed until the moment it came across the Truth and immediately recognized it in the face of a bright woman, who was characterized by sincerity and lack of personal benefit and selfishness. And most of all ... this woman expressed with her own life all those things she was telling us. She put Love into action unrelentingly.

Then the following things arose within myself: my soul opened, as every soul that yearns to live would do, so I entirely trusted another person, and we grew really close. Essentially, I stopped being alone, because until then I had only experienced the illusion of relationships, without ever having truly lived through one.

As time passed by, I began to understand that it isn't easy at all for someone to live in that vibration of love, because it is the opposite of selfishness. As soon as this power appears, it is mathematically certain that it will bring about the reaction of the ego, which will feel directly threatened with its extinction. In that manner I then felt that I was "dying". This feeling showed me how utterly I had identified my life through my ego and in what limited way I had realized the infinite possibilities of my life. As soon as I let my fear go, the chains of my life were abandoned and life slowly started to become brighter and free. I realized that this inner revolution was the only one that could truly save me.

In fact, I would suffer many defeats due to my selfishness, until I managed to realize when it "reared its ugly head" and disarm it before it conquered me. I understood that this was a one way street - a continuous exercise which would become my nature in order to free me from that jail for my soul, the jail of selfishness.

I lived my first overwhelming inner experience on an excursion with my from then on beloved friend. We were sitting on the veranda of the rented room watching the Aegean Sea. It was early in the evening and a sweet silence covered the place. I felt as if I had become one with the sea, integrated into the trees, the earth, the birds, the fish, all the human beings, everything that lives and exists in this world. I had closed my eyes.

During that moment I saw these eyes within myself, which are drawn here. I felt that these were the eyes of all people and all animals together. They had infinite sweetness, love and strictness at the same time. They remained visible hovering in my mind for about one minute, enough time for me to remember them for ever, and then they swiftly vanished inside a cave. Endless love together with the strictness of that look was carved in me. Who are you? Why did you come to me? I feel that I know you. I have seen you before. What might that experience mean, which I went through so vividly and which overwhelmed me, as if some kind of revelation had happened inside me?

I would understand this later on, when the moment of seeing the aura would come, which means that a small part of the invisible world would be revealed to me. Small, but enough for me to see the Light.

Whoever sees the ethereal world will not confuse it with anything else, because it has nothing to do with the imagination. Imagining something is different from seeing the ethereal with my own two eyes world, which means that an image is formed in my brain.

As years passed I understood that my decision to follow the wild and narrow road of self-awareness, that is to say to observe my self with continuous alertness, brought me to this awesome revelation of the invisible world. A whole vivid and vibrating world manifested before me. And, most important of all, Beings with endless Love and Wisdom appeared in front of my eyes. I knew that I had entered a different, higher vibration and that I would never be alone again.

I thank my friend from the bottom of my heart. I also thank the beloved artist who undertook this work unselfishly, with sensitivity and faith and drew the aura sketches with the utmost possible accuracy, bringing my experiences of seeing the aura into common view.

Elisabeth Haich - Initiation...*