There was Light

(...) "The long exercises in concentration and meditation helped me to penetrate, step by step, into the profoundest regions of my psyche.
With these exercises I set forces in motion, which kept on working during the time I devoted to every-day activities, and even during the time I was sleeping. Sometimes as I wandered through the forest there arose within me pictures of places I knew well without being able to identify them, for I had never seen them in this life.

While I was awake, and even in my dreams at night, I saw people whom I also knew, and in some cases knew very well, but whom I had never seen in this life. Their clothing and their names were strange, and their language in which we communicated in my dreams was quite different from any language I had ever heard in this life.

Whenever I sat down to meditate and turned my attention inwards, I was aware of a greenish-blue phosphorescent light within me ... a light which seemed to come from the invisible eyes of a great and wonderful spirit being. An indescribable kind of strength, love and goodness radiated to me from these eyes. With a sense of absolute confidence I plunged into this source of loving power. I felt myself in security, and without any trace of fear. I delved deeper and ever deeper into the unknown world of the unconscious.

Then once, quite unexpectedly, the light drove away the darkness, which had been hiding both the past and the truth, and everything became clear.

When I had seated myself to practice meditation, the phosphorescent light appeared before my inner eye as usual. Then I felt with even greater clarity than ever before that the source of light lay in the eyes of a powerful being whom I knew well. Little by little they became so clear that I no longer merely felt - I knew - that they were looking at me. I felt their glance, their brilliance, their power, their light and their love shining upon me, and in the next moment, as an effect of this glance, the last remnant of cloudy haze in my consciousness disappeared, and before me there stood, as if emerging from darkness, a majestic figure with two dark blue, infinitely deep eyes, His figure, His face and His eyes: -HE"!