Who Jonah is

... I am, that is the "we", called Jonah. Yet we are not separated from that which is. It is not to be perceived that we are of the earth plane, for we are not... We are from a universe beyond yours. A universe of Light, Sound and Colour that is beyond the physical realm and beyond the twelve dimensions. We have chosen to return to the earth plan to fulfill a prophecy, and to assist in an awakening of that which is deep within the soul of each one and is seeking to be awakened. It is of great importance that it is understood that we do not work with followers. We work with students. For all a follower sees is the back of the one he or she is following. The difference here is that "students" are ones that use the information to raise their own vibration.

(...) Assistance is being offered to the earth. For without this assistance, the human consciousness would destroy humanity. Assistance is being offered, not in the form as if they are gods coming so that humanity would worship them again, as has occurred in the past. They are sending forth signals, at this time subtle signals, to awaken the memories deep within the soul. We understand that there are ones in your cultures who teach that those that are good shall be evacuated from the earth, while those that are bad shall remain and suffer. This is contrary to universal law and it is not of truth. It is of great importance that this is understood. The universe does not separate and divide but unifies. Assistance is coming not to create an evacuation of the earth but to bring an awakening to humanity and their role in working with the entity called earth.

The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy... *