11.3 Organic computers

Another major invention the Great Genius envisions is a way of transplanting some of his genius and knowledge into a type of organic computer so it will still be there to serve mankind after his body has aged and died. He develops it to the highest point possible to transfer or rather duplicate his genius so he still has it but it’s also in this organic computer.

For part of the process of doing this he must be engulfed by a particular piece of medical machinery that sends energy along all of his nerve passages to stimulate the brain in such a way as to be able to project the essential parts of the psyche that are needed for this organic computer. And it will feel like the body is on fire; that is the meaning of the lines «his eyes pointing southward, his hands on top the breast, his body in the fire».

I don’t think you can have the concepts yet. The only clear idea that comes through is that this organic computer will be essential in the running of the space colonies. I guess you automatically think if something is organic it has to be nurtured and fed and … yes, the building blocks of this computer have to be grown and developed in the laboratory. Certain types of liquids with certain chemical building blocks in them will be used, causing this computer to grow and develop along certain biological formations. Almost like chains of protein, but done in such a way so it can be integrated into certain computer circuits. 

If something is organic it could die, so to speak. However, the way this is developed through this man’s genius, it is self-renewing like the cells of your body. Some of the organic parts will eventually wear out and get old. But meanwhile it will have replicated itself, so there will be organic parts sloughing off form this device but there won’t be any loss of knowledge because it will be continually self-renewing. Applications of this computer will be applied wider and wider to where it would totally alter the technology of mankind.

(Note: When this quatrain was translated in 1986 the idea of an organic computer was totally beyond my comprehension. However, a discovery in 1991 put the concept within the realm of plausibility. The problem with traditional computer chips, the microscopic devices that make computers work, is that there is a limit to how small they can be made. A group of researchers at Syracuse University reported they are now able to store and retrieve information from a tiny block made of the protein «bacteriorhydapsin.»

This is a substance derived from a bacteria found in salt marshes. They say that six small cubes of this material, each a mere one-centimeter to side, could store the entire Library of Congress. It will probably be many years before the computer industry will be able to put this discovery to use, but it definitely is organic if it is derived from bacteria. This could be the substance, or something similar and equally fantastic, used in the computers during the time of the Great Genius.)

I envision that this will be something that will happen in the 21st century, perhaps the 22nd. Even though it seems very fantastic to you, it will not be as far in the future as one would think. Because of this man’s genius he will speed up the process immensely in developing things that seem very fantastic to you now.

The divine word will give to the substance (that which)
contains heaven and earth, occult gold in the mystic deed.
Body, soul and spirit are all powerful.
Everything is beneath his feet, as at the seat of heaven. (III-2)

What seems to be fantastic claims of alchemy will become realistic and possible because of the discoveries this genius makes and the concepts he perceives. In this future time understanding will be there as well as which will make the dealings a lot more effective.

The new philosophy engendered by this man’s discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers and anything will seem possible because there will be a «greater unity of mind, soul, body and emotions» than there ever was before- «body, soul and spirit are all powerful.»  So people will be able to manipulate the basic forces of the universe in a way that will seem utterly fantastic to those not involved with the occult. Many amazing and wondrous things will be done in an every-day sort of way.

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