11.2 Space stations - space colonies

One of the things the Great Genius envisions to help alleviate the miseries of mankind on earth is self-contained, self-supporting space stations. They will be like space colonies and will be large enough to be seen from the Earth as small moons. He envisions this to help relieve the poverty, crowding and things of that nature that could be alleviated if there were more space and cheap energy resources available for mankind in general.

These stations he visualizes will be practical to build. He envisions them in such a way that the technology of the time would easily be able to handle building them. And the way he presents the ideas they are attractive to the politicians as well as to the scientists, so he’s successful in getting these things done.

He will come to take himself to the corner of Luna,
where he will be taken and placed on foreign land.
The unripe fruit will be the subject of great scandal,
great blame, to the other great praise. (ΙΧ-65)

This refers to when the time of trouble is over, the space program is once again taken up and space exploration seriously considered. This has to do with the establishment of L-five colonies of space stations. Space stations for the attempt of manufacturing things in space for durability and particularly for the possible establishment of a scientific base, perhaps on Mars. At this time a communication and scientific base will have already been established on the moon.

They manage to get it done in time but only at the expense of the quality of construction, making it dangerous –«the unripe fruit.»  One person will be brave enough to risk his career and step forward to expose what is going on. He will be proven correct and will be praised because he was brave to do it, «to the other great praise.» However, this lunar superintendent will have great blame because the station was not completed correctly – «will be the subject of great scandal, great blame.» It will be his fault and there will be a large scandal and a lot of political shiftings will occur because of various people being asked to resign from their posts, etc.

By the «he will be taken and placed on foreign land», I mean the base on Mars. I was talking about the solar power station that is sent first to the space stations. Their major reason for existing will be to collect solar power and solar energy and transmit it to Earth as a form of clean, practically free energy that people can use to live and grow without doing atrocious things to the Earth in the process. Technology will be very developed.

There may be some crystals involved, but the solar cells you’re familiar with today will be considered obsolete at that time. There will be new ways of collecting the solar energy and transmitting it to where it is needed. These will happen during the time of the Genius. It’s not that far off.

Sooner and later you will see great changes made,
dreadful horrors and vengeances.
For as the moon is thus led by its angel
the heavens draw near to the Balance. (Ι-56)

«The moon is thus led by its angel» refers again to the space colonies developed by the Great Genius. The way its computers are organized and developed into organic computers are guided by him and led by him, the inventor of this and the head of the research in this. Through his effort things will be balanced out again and brought back to normal. I referred to «the moon» with the concepts I had in my own mind and the words I knew, that was the only word I could come up with. The «great changes, dreadful horrors and vengeances» will be from the Anti-Christ and from the rise and fall of the governments, the sects and such.