7.4 France is torn

French fleet, do not approach Corsica;
even less Sardinia, you will regret it.
You will all die, the help from the cape in vain,
captive, swimming in blood you will not believe me. (III-87)

The Anti-Christ will use the islands of «Corsica» and «Sardinia» as a base of operation to attack France. Others who are aware of what is going on will try to warn the French – unfortunately «in vain».  

In Avignon, the leader of all the Empire
will make a stop because Paris is deserted.
Tricast will contain the African anger,
the Lion will be poorly consoled by the change. (III-93)

The Anti-Christ marches through southern France near «Avignon». Avignon was a very important city in my days, because it was the seat of the papacy at one point; within a couple of hundred years of my time. «Paris will be deserted» because he will threaten to bomb it, as he has bombed Rome and Athens. England won’t be able to do a thing because she’ll be threatened next.

In the green field of Alleins and Vernegues
of the Luberon mountains near Durance,
the fighting on both sides will be so bitter for the armies
that Mesopotamia shall cease to be found in France. (III-99)

This quatrain refers to the fighting that will occur when the Anti-Christ’s forces try to capture Switzerland. He won’t be successful but he will destroy a part of France in trying. A bomb will be launched to destroy Geneva and Zurich, but instead it will land in France and cause contamination. This will happen at the French and Swiss border area, hence the names of the places in France.

During his daring Mediterranean campaign the Anti-Christ takes over Monaco and he knows he must get rid of the Prince of Monaco so he can be the official ruler. The reason why Monaco is so important is because of its strategic position in relation to Italy and southern Europe. In Century III-10 I refer to «the great golden one caught in an iron cage». This is the successor to Prince Ranier (apparently one of his sons) who will be imprisoned after the takeover.