7.3 England brashly rushes into battle

An English prince, Mars has his heart in the heavens,
will wish to follow his prospering fortune.
In two duels, one will pierce him in the gall bladder,
hated by him, but well loved by his mother. (III-16)

This is an event that will take place close to the beginnings of the war caused by the Anti-Christ. This will precipitate England’s involvement with this great war. «The English Prince, his heart held by Mars high in the heavens» , is a young man of the English royal house who is eager to lead the troops into battle. He will be anxious to go. He will be in two major engagements and in one of them he will be defeated. He will be outflanked on the field and he will have to retreat in disgrace. The troops that he was fighting against will spit at him and use his name as a curseword, for he was a good fighter even though he was defeated.

His brashly rushing into battle messes up some of the carefully laid plans in the conquest of Europe. And so this man will return to England. However, «his mother» i.e. his motherland, England, will be cheering him and will love him all the more for the brave show he made. For trying to help and for carrying the English name and honor bright into battle. The part «they will pierce him in the gall bladder» means they will outflank him and «pierce» his forces in the side and hence defeat him.

The weapons fight in the sky for a long period;
the tree fell in the middle of the city.
The sacred branch cut, a sword opposite Tison,
then the King Hadrie falls. (III-11)

It refers to the fall of the English royal house. The quatrain predicts a combination of the male descendants of the family either being killed in battle or dying from a disease released from biological bombs designed to affect only men. The enemy will have biological bombs that release viruses killing all of the soldiers. Slashing the fighting forces so they’ll have less soldiers to confront on the battlefield. But the bomb doesn’t discriminate. It also affects men who are not fighting, such as older men at home and young boys. This bomb is only going to be dropped on England. But the doctors in England will be able to create a vaccine or a serum that will counteract the effects of the virus and help make people immune to it.

In the North great efforts will be made,
across the seas the way will be open.
The rule on the island will be re-established,
London fearful of the fleet when sighted. (II-68)

This refers to two events. On the one hand it refers to the way things were between the United States and England during World War II, and how they managed to keep the «shipping lanes open between the two countries». It also refers to the time of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ, during his European campaign, will also attempt to take over Great Britain – «London fearful of the fleet when sighted» - but not be entirely successful. Part of the reasons for this will be because there will be the support of the United States behind England, once again. So Great Britain, being a prime maritime power will be able to reassert herself.

The more stubborn supporters of the underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland. He will not be successful in taking over the entire island. Then you’ll have kind of like a "rump" United Kingdom. You’ll understand me if you recall your history of World War II, when the Germans took over part of Czechoslovakia. Two-thirds of Czechoslovakia was part of Nazi Germany and the remainder of Czechoslovakia put together a rump government. Thus, they will have a rump United Kingdom. The majority of England will be under the power of the Anti-Christ. But North England, Scotland and Ireland will not be under is power.

Hopefully this event taking place has the possibilities of uniting Ireland. Because if England is taken over, she will not be able to do anything about Northern Ireland, so Ireland can reunite itself the way it’s been wanting to be reunited for centuries. When England is taken over by the Anti-Christ, they will be in no position to have any say-so as to what goes on in Ireland. And so Ireland will be able to apply its own remedies to its problems, and turn its dynamic energy towards other problems, such as the Anti-Christ. And the Irish spirit, being strong and valiant as it is and the Scottish stubbornness will play a good ways toward helping the underground movement to survive the worst of the worst days and eventually conquer the Anti-Christ. When all this is over, people who are Scottish and people who are Irish will be proud that they are, because of the role Ireland and Scotland will play.