5.6 The destruction of Europe's cultural centres

The terrible things that Nostradamus saw the Anti-Christ doing to the Vatican and to the cultural centers of Europe were almost unbelievable. But maybe it is this unbelievability that gives them the ring of possibility, because they are truly the work of a demented power-hungry madman. We see cultural heritage, knowledge and religion, the cornerstones of civilization, destroyed wantonly in the name of control.

The Anti-Christ had learned his lessons well. He knew how to completely undermine the morale of the people; he would strike at the heart of their belief system.
I will list the events separately here, although in time sequence they should be dispersed among the events in the following chapters.

That which is enclosed in iron and letter in a fish,
out will go one who will then make war,
he will have his fleet well rowed by sea,
appearing near Latin land. (ΙΙ-5)

It is referred to submarines used by Anti-Christ in his war, symbolized by «a fish». He would use the submarines to take the Vatican papers past the Italian fleets.


The city is almost burned down by fire from the sky,
water again threatens Deucalion.
Sardinia is vexed by the African fleet
after Libra has left Leo. (ΙΙ-81)

Initially the Anti-Christ will obtain power within his sphere, that is Asia, the Middle East. When he starts to rise in power out of his sphere, that is in Europe, the first place of unrest will be the area of the Mediterranean. For it will be best for him to approach Europe from the south, from his geographical orientation. And due to his Middle Eastern heritage he will have already united North Africa, being culturally sympathetic, with his Asian and Middle Eastern conglomerate.

Hence he is in a strong, secure position to take on Europe from the south since his own forces are at his back. Due to the weapons he uses and the ravages of war, the Anti-Christ knows that one way of bringing a potential enemy under control is to threaten cultural destruction rather than just strict physical destruction. For cultural objects have great meaning to a culture, and people will go to great lengths to try to preserve certain places and things. His main tool will be the use of terrorist tactics but on a larger scale. What he will do to put Europe into its initial shock, to make it easier to take over, is that he will start destroying the city of Rome.

In addition to trying to destroy Rome, he will also threaten the great cultural centers of Greece, represented by «Deucalion» in the quatrain. (Deucalion was the equivalent of Noah in Greek mythology). He will also be destroying places such as Athens and the great Greek cultural centers of learning and history. The world will be so shocked by these actions that it will momentarily be paralyzed.

Very near the Tiber presses Death:
shortly before great inundation:
the chief of the ship taken, thrown into the bilge:
castle, palace in conflagration. (II-93)

He will start systematically smashing the city of Rome to rubble using various sorts of bombs dropped from airplanes. He will destroy it to such an extent that the seven hills of Rome will be leveled.

Mount Aventine will be seen burning at night,
The sky in Flanders will be suddenly obscured.
When the King drives out his nephew,
Their churchmen will commit scandals. (III-17)

That will be his desire, not only destroying the cultural objects that Rome contains, but to level «the hills» Rome is built upon to try to totally destroy the city. He will do such a good job that Rome will be threatened by the encroachment of the sea, destroying what is left. Thus, he will be able to make great strides in taking over and obtaining power before the other governments figure out just how they want to react and how drastically they want to react.

This man will use such tactics throughout the entire conflict. He will always be doing daring and shocking things to obtain what he wants, like what the Moors tried to do when they invaded Spain.

The great city will be surprised at night
by a sudden and quick assault.
The guards interrupted; the watch and guards of St. Quintin
slaughtered, the guards and the gates broken down. (IV -8)

It refers to the destruction of Rome during the crisis of the Anti-Christ. «St. Quintin» is the keeper of the door of the Vatican, a Roman living in 286 C.E.

Divided by the two heads and three arms,
the great city will be troubled by water.
Some of the great men among them, wandering in exile;
Byzantium is hard pressed by the leader of Persia. (V-86)

The help that could have saved the situation did not arrive in time. This is due to political and diplomatic ranklings amongst the western powers that could have nipped the situation in the bud, so to speak. There will be two countries - I’m referring to England and the United States - working together who are equally powerful so far as military might is concerned. But when it comes to a military operation there must be a leader at the head to make the decisions.


And if there are two leaders rankling over them, they may not be made in time. In this case, this particular military alliance between the United States and England will be a newly established one for use in time of emergency. They will not yet have worked out just who is in charge and who will back down. So they are rankling over what they should do in this situation. The «three arms» refer to the three basic branches of military service: sea, air, and land. They will not be able to get their strategists to decide what will be the best way to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, the Anti-Christ will be making progress, from his point of view, by leaps and bounds.
«The great city troubled by water», means the water will be encroaching upon Rome whenever the Anti-Christ bombs it.