5.5 The sacking of the Vatican Library

The Anti-Christ and his men, the «divine enemies» …

Weapons will be heard fighting in the skies:
in the same year the divine are enemies:
they will want unjustly to query the holy laws,
through lightning and war many believers put to death. (IV-43)

There will be much confusion at the time, many changes and unrest. There will be many horrible things going on. The entire half of this century – meaning this period of time you are in – has been a series of catastrophic events, each topping the ones before, leading up to the time of troubles. Things will be ripe for change because there will be a grass roots dissatisfaction gradually building up.

This quatrain describes some aspects concerning the sacking of the Vatican Library. «Questioning the holy law» is the Anti-Christ saying these printed materials that have been put under edict, should not be. As a consequence, many people will be trying to defend the church and will die fighting. And many others’ faith will either change radically or die due to the new material that is revealed.

One of the tactics of the Anti-Christ’s special brand of psychological warfare would be the destruction of cultural relics and monuments in Rome and other cities. Through the help of the Last Pope, who will be a tool of the Anti-Christ, he will gain access to the secret archives of the Vatican Library. Instead of destroying this material he will reveal it to the world, estimating that this will do more damage to the church than getting rid of the material.

The «divine enemies» involved will not know all there is to know. They will be fighting for the Anti-Christ, but they believe they’ll be doing it for the good of the Prophet, Mohammed. Plus, the phrase «divine enemies» corresponds to the fact that this situation has been referred to in some of the prophetic books of the Bible.