5.2 The second Pope

The pope that will come between John Paul II and the last pope will have a short reign. It will not be good for the church because it will bring about the final downfall.

In the world there will be made a king
who will have little peace and a short life.
At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,
governed to its greatest detriment. (Ι-4)

Some of the political blunders and mistakes made by this pope is what makes it easier for the last pope to be a tool of the Anti-Christ. In fact this pope will have his hands tied, in the sense that he will be left a very tough task and a divided church. And he will reach far because his message will be heard.

With his hand is a sling and his leg bandaged,
the younger brother of Calais will reach far.
At the world of the watch, the death will be delayed,
then he will bleed at Easter in the Temple. (VΙΙΙ-45)

He will also survive one assassination attempt. And then he will also be assassinated. He will die in the Vatican.
Before the Anti-Christ comes to full power, when he’s still rising in power and still scheming, to the rest of the world it will appear there are still some other men above him when it comes to the power structure. In reality the Anti-Christ will just be using them as stepping-stones on his way to the top of the heap, so to speak. One of these is the traitorous cardinal who will be spying on the pope. The pope has his hands tied –«with his hand in a sling and his leg bandaged».

This cardinal will be stealing information from him, plus he will be altering the pope’s correspondence. Whenever the pope receives a letter, he alters the wording of it a little bit so the pope thinks it has said something else other than what it has said. He does it to make the situation worse, so the pope will react inappropriately to the various situations.

The letters of the great prophet will be interpreted
and fall into the hands of the tyrant.
His efforts will be to deceive his King,
but soon his thefts will trouble him. (ΙΙ-36)

So the people will think he is a bad pope, and he’s more apt to get assassinated or something sooner. This cardinal will be troubled about what he is doing, his thefts»- because it seems to be bringing dissension into his beloved church, but he is doing it because he’s on the side of the Anti-Christ.

The tenth day of the April Calends, calculated in Gothic fashion
is revived again by the wicked people.
The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering
seek the bones of the demon of Psellus. (Ι-42)

The pope will be killed by poison that will be absorbed into his bones. It will be a special type of poison that attacks the central nervous system and the skeletal system which will make it look like he went into shock or had a stroke.


That is how they will present his death to the world:


The earth and air will freeze so much water
when they come to venerate on Thursdays. (Χ- 71)

All manner of solutions will be tried to counteract what happened but they will not be successful, in spite of the fair words of the governments to their peoples to try to keep them from panicking.

The pope will die at Reggio, Italy. At the time he dies an extreme weather phenomenon takes place.

Because of an object the eye will swell so much,
burning so greatly, that the snow will fall.
The watered fields will start to shrink
when the Primate dies at Reggio. (Χ- 70)

I’m referring to a type of atomic device, not exactly a bomb, that when set off it will do something to the planetary climate. It will displace an air mass that will upset the balance of hot and cold so that a greenhouse effect will become out of balance and run to the extreme and do drastic things to the climate, which in turn will affect agriculture.

The alternative meaning of this verse is a metaphysical type of meaning. It is also foretelling some ruin to befall the Catholic Church. They will become ambitious again and seek to grasp more power than they should. Their «eye» will «swell» with pride and vanity, thinking they can handle whatever they desire to try after, and that will be their downfall.

The light «shining so brightly» will be the ambitions they are grasping after. The «snow» falling is the cooling of those ambitions when they fail, and that will cause great upheaval in the structure of the Catholic Church with a pope being dethroned. As a result the members, the people who follow the Catholic Church, will fall away in great numbers, to where the influence of the Catholic Church will shrink. And their «watered fields», so to speak, their sphere of influence, will become much less.

The following quatrain contains three signs in leading up to the assassination of the second pope.

A short while before a king is
murdered, Castor and Pollux in the ship, a bearded star.
Public treasure emptied on land and sea,
Pisa, Asti, Terrara and Turin are forbidden lands. (II-15)

At the time the second pope is assassinated, the Anti-Christ will start his European campaign, from «Pisa, Asti, Terrara and Turin». The «public treasure emptied on land and sea» refers to all the weapons that are turned out and destroyed in the course of warfare.

As the result of these events, «Castor and Pollux» which are the Gemini twins here represent the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the President of the United States will be in consultation about the matter. They will meet at sea the way Churchill and Roosevelt did, for better security and secrecy for their meetings.

The «bearded star» refers to a major comet that will be clearly visible in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. The pope will be assassinated but this will be before the comet comes; he will be assassinated because he will be in the way of the Anti-Christ and he won’t buckle under to his demands. So the Anti-Christ has him assassinated to get his tools in office.