5. The last three Popes – the ravage of the Church

Strangely, although the Anti-Christ is supposed to emerge from a Moslem country, the Catholic Church is to play an important plan in his devious plans. He will use the church for his own ends in the same manner that he will use other countries to gain the power he desires.


5.1 The first Pope

Elected as Pope, he will be mocked when elected,
suddenly and unexpectedly moved, prompt and timid:
caused to die through too much goodness and kindness
he will fear for the guide killed on the night of his death (Χ-12)

Pope John Paul II was not one of the major contenders for the popedom. But after they murdered the last pope they needed to find another one quickly; someone who wasn’t in on the assassination –«he will be mocked when elected». He is innocent and did not know anything about it. So, from that perspective, he is a good candidate for pope manipulations. John Paul II is a good man indeed, a loving kind energy. That part about him fearing for «his guide» the night that he is killed certainly agrees with his personality and heart vibration. He doesn’t associate with these uncomfortable religious figures.

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome,
the two nearest flee the oppressed monster.
When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
the Cock and the Eagle, France and the three brothers. (VIΙΙ-46)

The Pope will be on one of his many journeys, away from the Vatican, when he dies. He will be assassinated. This will be at the time the Anti-Christ has begun to stir and to flex his power. The two cardinals nearest the pope will realize the danger to their church, and they will close themselves up in the Vatican to try to protect themselves from what is to come, the «oppressed monster», the Anti-Christ, so to speak.

The present pope is a good man and he honestly is striving for world peace. However, he is not in touch with his spiritual center the way he should be for this position. But he is desirous enough of world peace, so that – unbeknownst to the world in general - he is working against some established power parties within the Roman church. So a point will come at which those in the Roman church who want to hold on to their wealth and power will advise the Pope – they will misadvise the Pope - so that he will be placed in a situation that is dangerous to him, but he will not be aware of the danger. Due to this assassination of the present pope there will be a lot of unrest and rioting and such in Rome.

Roman pontiff beware of approaching
a city watered by two rivers.
You will spit blood in that place,
both you and yours, when the roses bloom. (ΙΙ-97)

In the time of late spring, at «a city watered by two rivers», a major European city that is at the junction of two major rivers, he and several of his entourage will be killed.
There are only two popes left to go up to the destruction of the Catholic Church. Due to the time of troubles none of them will last very long.