4.4 The priest-uncle gives the nomination in Egypt

I know that the Anti-Christ is in the Middle East somewhere. I can’t spot him exactly because of all the violence and the turmoil in that part of the world which cloud my vision somewhat. At the present time (early April 1987), I think he is in Egypt; he is a young man at a very crucial time in his life. Any strong impressions he gets at this time will have an effect on his future lifepath.

And where he is at this time in the Middle East, there is a lot of political maneuvering, violence, and corruption. Due to the atmosphere during this crucial time of his life it’s having an effect on him, and he is coming to realize what his life’s destiny is to be.

I see an image now in the mirror: I see a very handsome young man, with strong features, in his mid-twenties. He’s dressed in a business suit right now and he seems to be discussing things with seven Arab leaders in Egypt. They’re sitting on low cushions around a huge brass table or brass tray. There are all types of coffee, a silver and gold coffee service, and they’re eating finger foods. There is a very big fat Arab man there, and he’s very jovial. He’s laughing and he says, "Oh, we’ll have them Americans eating out of our hands soon enough."

The man is probably one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. His beauty is almost ethereal. If he walked into a room, people’s eyes would automatically be drawn to him. His beauty is almost transcendental, in a sense. It doesn’t look human. His skin and his features are flawless. He’s kind of tall but well proportioned. He’s impeccably dressed and on his finger he has a magnificent stone. It’s interesting because it’s a big diamond but it’s set in a black stone which is set in a gold ring. And he wears it on his middle finger which is strange place to wear a ring.

This is the man who will eventually be known as the Anti-Christ. But for now do not use that term. He’s got an aura of light around him. But it’s not a spiritual light, it’s like a magnet in light. Your eyes are automatically drawn to him. He’s very affectionate and loving to all the men around the table. There’s camaraderie and good cheer. They’re not drinking alcohol but they smoke hashish.

There’s one man with a water pipe, and there’s a man that’s like a priest, but he’s not a western priest. He’s got on white robes and a white hat. It’s like a fez but it isn’t a fez. They’re all getting up now they’re bowing down to Mecca doing absolutions to Allah. They’re discussing the future of this man, giving him support and money. They’re telling him to go to Switzerland to draw money from a bank account there and use this money … it will take him into Syria, Iraq, and Iran. But he cannot go to Iran yet, because he will run into difficulties with the ruler of that country. (This was before Ayatollah Khomeni died). They’re planning a counter-revolution in the Islamic world. That is the purpose of this meeting. And it’s taking place ... now.

They are planning to have him appear to be a religious leader but have a more moderate and progressive religious stance. He’s progressive because he’s college educated and knows a lot about computers and finance as well. He’s in the world of business but he has a charisma that is strong. Everyone is basking in his light. They get good feelings just being around him.

Among these seven men, his teacher is the priest I mentioned before who has brought him up and has been very influential in his life. This priest is scary looking. I’ve never seen such a hateful visage. He is truly evil incarnate. His eyes are like daggers and they burn with fire. Looking into his face was like looking into an abyss, similar to a black hole in space that sucks up all the light energy. I have now seen the complete face of evil.

It is the complete negative force of the universe; some people call it the "Devil". It is the culmination of all the negativity the Earth has collected since its beginning. The visage of this person’s face is trying to pull at your soul. I feel it also, even across time he tries to pull… The "Imam" - as they call him - is supposed to be a religious figure, but it is apparently a front.

The young man will inherit this power from the evil man when the teacher-priest leaves this life. He has instructed and groomed him for an important role. I see it like a benediction descending into him, a mantle of evil covering him and impregnating his very soul at that time. This young man will be known as a world savior or someone who brings peace, until the teacher expires giving him the power of evil. He will be known as the Anti-Christ in the far away future.

The Imam is one of the most talented psychics that has ever existed. He’s evil incarnated and descended from evil that has been around the Earth for centuries.

He’s one of the leaders of spirits who rebel against their destiny, their evolvement or spiritual growth. Western men have called this the Devil. He has come to Earth and incarnated through the Imam – he is the Imam – and knows what he has to do. He’s like a vampire that could suck your soul from your body. He lives on generated energy. He lives on other souls. The energy of this entity will later go into the Anti-Christ. When this evil being – it’s not a man – finishes with the shell of his body, he will transfer his essence and his energy to him.

The other Arab officials around the priest mistrust him. It’s very hard for them to like him, but he has made them so rich. He has manipulated things. He has been stirring up trouble all over the place.  He is the one behind the killing of the President of Egypt. He has also told his nephew that his parents were dead and that they had been killed in the Egyptian war. In fact his father and mother were murdered. The uncle had hired assassins because he wanted the boy for himself. He was a young boy of five or six when that took place. And his uncle, the evil priest, has been grooming him and caring him since the death of his parents. He has done everything possible to make his life comfortable and happy. His whole purpose is to groom the Anti-Christ to take his powerful place in the world’s destiny.

Let me look in the mirror now. I’m seeing a picture of university buildings and the man we know as the Anti-Christ is coming out of one of them. At this time, he’s studying and doing research on a project incorporating the philosophies of Voltaire, Hegel, Marx, Engels and other famous philosophers into one philosophy.