4.3 The portrait and the horoscope of the "Monster"

Near the Bear and close to the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun
will burn the great plain, woods and cities;
letters hidden in the candle. (VI-35)

In the piece of parchment I’m showing to you, I point to February. February 1962. Anti-Christ’s got Aquarius on the ascendant; his birth is straight in Aquarius. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the South Node are all aligned in the First House! He must have been born about sunrise. It’s a very uneven-looking chart; there are no conjunctions in it. Wait a minute. There is a conjunction between … I think it’s Venus and Mars. There close enough but they’re all different degrees. It’s not a real conjunction … They’re all conjuncting by sign, but not by the same degree. Then I see the planet Pluto in what would be the eighth house on this chart, in Virgo. This is where his occult energy comes from. As for Neptune, it is the sign of Scorpio and it takes place in the tenth house.

The Sun here, promises an excellent constitution and a desire to "be someone" in this life. The Moon, here, indicates a very inquisitive mind, scientifically and intellectually, with a keen awareness of technology. Mercury emphasizes these traits to a considerable degree. Venus represents emotions that are cool, calm, and detached. It’s easier to be loving to all than just one. Mars, the planet of action, foretells a drive that functions on pure intellectual energy. A good grasp of mechanics also goes with this position. Jupiter points to a somewhat charming and humanitarian personality. The planet Saturn in the First House portends to obstacles in early life followed by a great discipline to achieve one’s goals. It’s interesting that his Aquarian stellium makes an adverse aspect to Neptune, the planet of compassion in the Tenth House. This foretells that he will rise to power in a swift but clandestine fashion. Once in power, he could abuse the privilege. Pluto in the sign of Virgo in the Eighth House stresses great psychic ability but also a strong manipulative tendency. Uranus, in the sign of Leo in the Seventh House of partnerships, represents open "enemies" as well as disruptions in personal relationships.

This is a very unusual and intense chart saying this is a very important person. There is great power in this horoscope, indicating a very advanced soul who has had the "test of power" in previous lives and is again being tested. He will use this energy for all the wrong reasons when it could be used for positive reasons. He will have great psychic powers. The horoscope is in a square and has diamond patterns within it. It appears that this was how horoscopes were drawn up in that period.