3.13 The Kennedys are the reincarnation of the Gracchus brothers

The sudden death of the leading personnage
will have changed and put another to rule.
Soon, but too late come to high position, of young age,
by land and sea it will be necessary to fear him. (IV-14)

This quatrain applies to the Kennedys. I knew they would be important men in your time period - the Kennedys are definitely considered among them, but their power was meant to wane.

The Kennedys are the reincarnation of the Roman Gracchus brothers. In my initial searchings I didn’t know if I might believe in reincarnation. For a long time it was very hard for me to accept it. But now that I see the transmigration of souls from the mirror, I can understand its process.

I am again referring to ancient Roman history. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, called the Gracchi, were two brothers who attempted to institute political and social reforms in Rome during the second century B.C.E. There are several parallels between the lives of these brothers and the lives of the Kennedy brothers.

Most notable was their attempt to pass legislation that would benefit the average person. They were faced with problems such as, a crisis in military manpower, and a poor and unemployed rabble in Rome. Tiberius was killed during a riot when he attempted to run for a second year as tribune, an act that was considered unconstitutional. His brother, Gaius, tried to avenge his brother’s murder by entering politics and proceeding with his brother’s plans. Gaius was considered to be more of a rabble rouser where his brother had been more dignified. During his career Gaius became so popular that he was declared the uncrowned king of Rome. A few years into his popularity he made the fatal mistake of submitting a very unpopular piece of legislation. Again, a riot broke out, and Gaius committed suicide while being pursued through the streets of Rome by a senatorial posse. Perhaps he did it to escape the same fate as his brother. Two thousand of his followers were executed after his death. The time period of the Gracchi is called the Roman Revolution.

Their story is full of similarities.