3.12 USA-Russia, a karmic relationship

Fire will take hold in two houses at night,
several people inside suffocated or burnt.
It will happen near two rivers for sure when the sun,
Sagittarius and Capricorn are all diminished. (ΙΙ-35)

This quatrain contains a date in that last line. The «fire taking hold in two houses» indicates a breakdown in communication between the United States and Russia. It will be the uprush of hard feelings due to a misunderstanding in the «two houses», the Kremlin and the White House. The «people getting suffocated or burned» indicates that there will be people in both places wanting to keep feelings from rising high, to try to keep things on an even balance, to talk things out.
And some will simply be put in a position where no one will listen to what they have to say so they have been «suffocated», so to speak.

Others will speak out anyway and risk their carriers by trying to keep the situation from getting worse and so they will have been «burned», so to speak.

«It will happen near two rivers, for sure»: Potomac is one of the rivers, and the other river is the one in Russia, symbolic in a similar way in Russian history.

«The sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn are all diminished.» This is at a time when these three zodiacal forces are not in their houses and thus they are not exerting influence on the affairs of man. Each of the zodiacal signs exerts influence to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their relation to the other zodiacal signs. Hence, the influences they would have on the situation will be diminished.

Picture casting a horoscope for the world in general, and at a time in this horoscope where the influence of these three signs are at a low ebb, that should give you an idea of approximately when this will take place. Particularly in regards to the horoscopes for the two countries involved.

It would be pretty hard to do a horoscope for the whole world. It can be done but it’s very complicated. You would have to have my mirror to be able to do it. However, you could draw up a comparative horoscope between the two countries, using the date of inception of the present political systems. That is July 2, 1776, for the United States, and the appropiate date for Russia, close to the beginning of this century.

Second and third make first class music
they will be sublimely honored by the king;
through fat and thin, even half emaciated,
to be made debased by the false report of Venus. (Χ-28)

I was seeing America and Russia uniting in many efforts, and being praised. There’s a new warmth and security throughout Europe because of this. What I’m trying to interpret by «second and third make first-class music, they will be sublimely honored by the king», is countries coming together, and realizing the desperate need for unification.

«Through fat and thin, even half-emaciated, to be made debased by the false report of Venus.» This has to do with Earth’s struggles to survive as a planet. I see pockets of much anger, trying to blame one another, while there are unifying forces that are trying to heal and keep humanity going. The «false report of Venus» is a symbol of someone in disguise, being the loving, feminine, manipulative part, who has gained confidences. And this group or country has woven a web to poison others’ philosophies. Actually some of these quatrains can apply to many times in History.

Naval incident between USA-Soviet Union

The great army which will pass over the mountains
when Saturn is in Sagittarius and Mars moving into Pisces.
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
their chief in war hung with a cord. (ΙΙ-48)

The «poison hidden under the heads of salmon» refers to a nuclear submarine, as well as to the war-like tendencies of the commanders of these submarines. They’ll be somewhat anxious to push the button, so to speak. Both of the incidents referred to in this quatrain result in a fiasco.

I saw an American surface ship in danger. The Soviet commander of this sub will have secret orders the rest of the crew are not aware of, basically saying to antagonize and instigate as much as they can get away with, without necessarily going over the line. What happens is that he gets carried away and goes too far, but he’s not afraid of punishment because of the general nature of his orders. The American commander, on the other hand, is in a situation where he had been ordered to defend the coast of the United States but not to do anything to start a war.

The commander, in the process of defending his ship from the submarine, manages to strike the submarine and he feels he may have sunk it. He feels like his hands are tied - «hung with a cord» - that perhaps this may be interpreted as an action to start war rather than an action of defending the United States.

Note: Could this prediction have some connection with the Soviet submarine that sank in the ocean October 3 to 6, 1986? It was said that there was a fire and nuclear explosion on board the sub and it sank east of Bermuda while being towed back to Russia. American help was refused and U.S. planes and ships were ordered to stay away. Could there have been more involved that was made public?

Also, there was an incident involving the American submarine Bonefish in April 1988. The ship was disabled due to an explosion of undetermined origin in exactly the area of the ocean that Nostradamus indicated. There were some other parallels with the quatrain «Poison hidden under the heads of salmon» in this case could refer to the toxic fumes that were released inside the submarine that threatened the lives of all on board.

Also the word «salmon» could refer to the submarine (a fish) and its unusual name Bonefish. Surface ships were also involved in the routine exercises that were taking place in that area of the Atlantic. The Bonefish was an out-dated diesel-electric submarine that was due to be decommissioned soon. There are only four of this type left on active duty. The U.S. Navy uses this type to simulate Soviet submarines in these exercises because the Russians have many of this type still operating. Could this be why Nostradamus indicated that it was a Soviet submarine?

Could he actually have been showing us an accident that occurred during war "games" and not an actual confrontation?