3.3 Israel, the Palestinians, Sudam and the nuclear weapons

The ancient work will be accomplished
and from the roof evil ruin will fall on to the great man.
Being dead, they will accuse an innocent of the deed,
the guilty one hidden in the misty woods. (VΙ-37)

«The ancient deed» that «will be accomplished» refers to the establishment of Israel as a nation. As for the «evil on the roof falling on to the great man» it refers to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, on November 4, 1995.  Although one man confessed, it was indicated that a political group was actually behind the assassination - «the guilty one hidden».

The five foreigners having entered the temple;
their blood will desecrate the land.
The example made of the Toulousians will be very hard,
made by the man who comes to wipe out their laws. (ΙΙΙ-45)

Moslem fanatics will try to desecrate a temple in Israel because it will be built on one of their sacred sites. This will be taking place after a strong earthquake hits the Holy Land. In the process of the quake, the Temple of the Dome of the Rock, which is the Moslem mosque, will be destroyed. As a result a new Jewish temple will be built on that site. That new temple will be a replica of the ancient temple of Solomon because the mosque was on the original site of Solomon’s temple.

The temple will be built very quickly and the Arabs won’t have a chance to reclaim their sacred site. When it’s completed, Moslem fanatics disguised as French Jewish tourists, hence «the example made of the Toulousians will be very hard» will desecrate the temple by committing ritual suicide within it. This will be a signal for the advancement of the Anti-Christ – «the man who comes to wipe out their laws» – in the Arab world. This will be the war cry that will lead up to the battle of Armageddon.

Through anger and internal hatreds,
the exiles will hatch a great plot against the king.
Secretly they will place enemies as a threat,
and his own old (adherents) will find sedition against them. (I-13)

The problem of terrorism: «the exiles» refers to the Palestinians. I was trying to forewarn you of some of the atrocities that would be committed in acts of terrorism.

Mabus will then soon die and there will come
a dreadful destruction of people and animals.
Suddenly vengeance will be revealed,
a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass. (II-62).

The death of a world leader, perhaps a religious leader, will coincide with the coming of a major comet. The comet will be clearly visible in the country where this world leader died, which is in the Middle East. The dying of the world leader and the «passing of the comet» will provoke a revolt. Part of the reason why the revolt is provoked so easily is that there will also be major crop failures that year. Many people will be hungry.

All this will start in the year the comet is visible, but it will continue for 500 days, «a hundred hands». I’m using that symbolism to indicate how long it will last, as well as indicating that there are a hundred people who will contribute toward the revolt in such a way that it will break forth and become open enough and wide-spread enough to capture the world’s attention. At this point I used the idea that a hundred hands could mean 500 days; the five fingers on a hand multiplied by one hundred. Even today you use the word "hand" to refer to a person, such as a "hired hand".

As for the anagram «Mabus» it becomes Sudam when read backwards in mirror image.

In future times there will be most terrible and wondrous weapons. One type of these weapons is like bringing a piece of the sun down to the earth, in its intensity and power. Whenever one of these weapons are set off, the destruction spreads for miles around.